Happy SoulStice…


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Brightest-day soulshines…

Doors open opportunities to dog days from dog stars…

Serious. *smiles

Take them.

Time to:

Walk through and allow.

The confirmations of Others’ affords You the good news of Your own harvests..

The projections of Others’ affords You the good news of Your own growth.

Hospitable by nature affirms the adage of eat, drink and be merry.

Thank You, Rome.

Invite Your friends.

Wolves and All.

Remember to howl.

These are the times.

You chose it.

Are choosing.

Relax, You are doing it all just fine.

Illumination’s radiance lights up the shadow from Your being.

So, that’s why they aren’t opposites-

Realizations are beautiful like that.

Did You know that each moment You shine?

And every desire, You deserve?

And every inspiration, aspired?

Nurture Your nature that is the essence of Your being…

Hear Your heart to name it.


Because You are worth it.




Happy Gemini New Moon


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She had been used and mistreated.

Kicked whilst she tried to get back up again.

Ridiculed and humiliated. 

Felled and failed, not much to anything.

Kind words were a scarcity and a brave face a rarity in her world.

She had been squandered and sold.

Bottom dollar. Her beliefs soon followed.

Her sails were beaten by the winds of fate to the point of forgetting who she was.



Until the New Moon in Gemini set in. 

Until that small spark of action, creates a burst of light that ignites the power of her passions, once more. 

A powerful and powerfilled energy moves through every fiber of her being at this time- 

‘It is time!’, it declares…

‘Awaken!’, it says…

‘Move!’, it demands…

It continues…

‘You are everything that You could ever dream to be, Dear One. 

You are the hope, the faith and the transcendence that You have pleaded and prayed for. 

You are the Sun and the Moon and the hands that hung them where they are.

You are every star ever wished upon and every penny ever thrown into the river. 

You are the devotee and the Worshipped. You are the human remembering her Divine and every deity who wandered lost and crazy in the desert.

You are every forgotten name, injured past  and wounded ego wailing. 

You are every word from every blessing, every elixir made from the poison, and every heart that is now remembering its brilliance and shine.

You are every healing and every level up.

You are Alchemy.


You are Shiva and Vasuki, shapeshifting the pain to the pleasure.

You are the reverence, the joy, and the happy that is chosen each time a One honours life…

Honours Themselves.

Helps an Other…


You are Initiation.

You are Journey.

You are Power.

You are Hearts, Aligned.

You are Love, Harmonized.

You are every Secret of the Universe and Key of Life.

In Joy.


Happy New Moon In Gemini…



And Celebrate.

Thank You.

Full Moon In Sagittarius


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Sag Full Moon

I stand next to Broken-Hand, a Friend that I have known for years who is also a revered Paiute Medicine Man.
I am trembling from the energy of expectancy and anticipating the outcome of this twilight time.
This moment.
By a hollowed space along the San Miguel River, elevated and embraced by the San Juan Mountains- I stand listening to both the Water and the Wind as they speak of journeys and initiations.
Broken-Hand has offered the gift to share with me the Paiute wisdom and experience of the ritual of the Sweat Lodge.
The Wind speaks his encouragements.
Of course I jumped at the chance to participate.
*The power of this Full Moon in Sagittarius brings each of Us ample opportunity to shine big moonlight upon darkened shadows and whatsoever may lie within them- obscured by the stories of Our very own fears’ telling.
Have You taken a moment to hear the Wind?
To deny a thing, is to declare Your own fear of it.
Do You recognize the lesson in each moment? Do You witness the window to observe, take action and re-align? Do You realize that this is Your choice in what to do with what is happening right now?

As We are gathering the fallen limbs to create the frame for the structure for the Ceremony, I am surprised when I see another man walking up to Us.
He speaks to me with his smile.
This is Stands-With-His-Medicine, a childhood Friend of Broken-Hand, and another well known Medicine Man.
I appreciate the gentle that is both men.
It is interesting how when We decide to embark upon a Journey, a One can never quite tell who will show up to assist, guide, gift and help Us along the way.
All who reveal ThemSelves along the way are helpful,
And All that happens is necessary.
Stands-With-His-Medicine has brought an assortment of animal furs to be the cover for Our sweatlodge and to hold vigilance and good medicine for Our Journey.
Bear, mountain lion and elk are instantly identified.
Strong. Noble. Powerful.
I watch as he begins to make little rolled tobacco leaves bundled inside strips of a bandana he has ripped into lengths.
When finished with his process, he speaks prayers and blows holy smoke over each one and hangs it from the limb supports inside.
*The Sag lunation of the Full Moon calls for abundance, initiation, tribal mind and vision.
Discount nothing.
Judge nothing.
Honour Self and the Ancestors whose steps helped to bring You to here.
Take a deep breath of life, and allow all to be in this moment.
What has shown up, is refining You.
What has happened, has brought You to this point.
Allow, allow, allow…
When We open OurSelves to witness deeper in the experience,
We move deeper into Our own awareness.

As the prayers are sung for each round,
the hot rocks are fired in the flames just outside the eastern facing door.
And as those rocks, lit red, are brought by shovel inside of the structure, they show pictures and visions in their heated illuminations- this ritual is not only showing me Myself but also affording me a clear channel to purify from within- body, mind, emotion and Spirit.
I am recognizing the toxins I have allowed MySelf to live with. What I have allowed my own Self to endure, perpetuate and cycle in.
Making excuses for Others.
Procrastination in my own world.
Entertaining daily, the self created stories of ‘not good enough’.
As the steam fills the lodge and my lungs are heavied by the intense weight of the wet air, I can see the things that I have held onto in my life in fear, as I had become so familiar with the complacency of my own unhappiness.
No longer will I live this way.
Deep Breath.
*This Full Moon reminds Us that ‘action conquers fear’. At times, in order to elevate OurSelves from a situation, We must continuously go deeper and seek within, certain energies and entities that have long held Us back.
Namely, OurSelves.
Whether it is cultural or familial conditioning, or even self declared- this is the time for expansive level-ups, realizations, and powerfilled steps in the directions that Our hearts show Us.
Hear it.
See it.
Take action.
Emerge into the Light, emitting from the center of Your very own chest.
This is Your life.
These are Your steps.
Choose wisely.
And stay receptive.

Wado, Broken-Hand
Wado, Stands-With-His-Medicine.
I Remember.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne.
To All Relations, Sow Fire…

~Tia LaVoie

Happy New Moon In Taurus


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Know At This Time…

Turned soil creates pockets of nitrogen to feed roots drinking deep inside the dark.

It takes a brave Soul to remember Their courage.

And Their roots.

Here is a message to remember Yours.

You are.

Feed Your Soul At This Time…

Find Your nourishment that sustains Your grown, growth and growing.

Your own body tells You- speaking necessary conversations at necessary intensity in necessary times- what is needed, deserved, desired and aspired.


This vessel has been with You from the beginning, made from the same elements as stars, here to bridge Your experience with Your imagination.

Desire miraculous.

Grow in Your grace.

Remember Your Power At This Time…

Selfish is ‘to be of the nature of Oneself’- what is Your nature?

Is it worry? Is it fear?

Does the seed hesitate to open? Does the leaf refuse to grow?

Love is Your nature- and so yes to being Selfish in the understanding of its wisdom.

Love is the truth to be remembered at this time.

Self inquiry is the access to this awareness.

All seeds come from love- it is up to the Farmer how the plants grow.

Our choices are powerful.

Receive At This Time…

The assured knowing of new beginnings and the steps that speak said intentions.

The good that reflects the good that You are, the good that You remember, the good that You see, the good that You make, the good that You honour, the good that You love, the good that You live, the good that is You- IS- the good that You deserve.

See it to serve it.

We name it to grow beyond it.

Now is the time for Your greatest creations yet…

May the abundance and heartlight flow for You and Yours this New Moon.


Full Moon In Scorpio


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Dear Beautiful You…


It has been some time since We sat, saw and shared.

Thank You for You, Dear Beautiful You.

Do You know that You are Divine?

Have You remembered lately that all comes from love?

Love is the seed, it is up to the vision and hand of the Farmer how the plant will grow.

Vulnerable in this moment, it is good to see You again.

The word ‘vulnerable’, is a good lesson to learn by. Another one that I find of immense importance at this time is ‘intense’.

This Scorpio Full Moon is a full moon of both new found vulnerability and extreme intensity.

Upheaval usually is.

Right now, the Sun grows into the sign of steady Taurus, whilst the Moon becomes active with a Scorpionic life/death/ReBirth creative charge.

It is a sensual dance of growth and fertility gliding in rhythmic embrace to cathartic death rituals from the feet of Shiva, Himself for his Beloved, Parvati-

Beautiful You, this is the time to actively create the spiral steps of Your own Nataraja and bring Your own Universe into  its in-formed Creation. By Your power and by Your choice.

To create in New Moon energies, We must outgrow in the shadow’s light of the Full Moon. This is the time to go beyond, grow beyond, move beyond and transform.

Dear Beautiful You, Master YourSelf.

This involves going into the dark spaces and rather than claim, blame or shame-

Sit with the feelings that arise, and move deeper than that. No judgement and no guilt, solely witness the feelings. When We do not react off of Our reactions to Our feelings, We allow Ourselves to go deeper into the experience. As this happens, Our reactive states naturally quiet themselves so that more may be revealed.

In revealing, comes revelation.

To see.

We can see Our perspectives that bring about Our feelings, when We choose to sit down and look at things rather than emotionally react. Our feelings come as reaction to Our very own perspectives and that perspective is always Our choice to be chosen. Your choice. My choice. We choose. Our story.

Dear Beautiful You, You are this powerful.

This Full Moon, You deserve to allow YourSelf:

~to remember.

~to respond from heart rather than react in fear.

~to take bigger steps and to honour how far You have made it- to here.

~to take accountability for how You choose to feel and how often that You choose ‘happy’ in Your moments…

~to let Others be accountable for how they choose to feel and how often that they choose ‘happy’ in their moments.

~to love Self unconditionally, and know that each decision and each unfolding has all been in perfection.

As always, it is always an honour to share a moment, a thought and breath with You-

Dear Beautiful You.

Be Blessed As You Are A Blessing.

Sow Fire🔥


Happy Full Moon


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Pisces New Moon


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Pisces New Moon

The ship rocks back and forth in the storm as We undergo a beautiful process called weathering. Winds blow and bring the rains. Our ability to venture into rolling waves that hit Us with a powerful force from all directions allows Us the opportunity to see Our own strength, apply Our faith, and gain new hopes when all seems lost.

Happy New Moon, Pisces.

Never been this deep?


Overwhelmed? Can’t breathe?

Scary is a feeling.

As is anger.

And hurt.

And pain.

As are intentions to grow.

And a declaration to heal.

And right now, the most perfect things have been brought up in order for wounds to be cleaned, dressed and readied to heal and scar.

These emotions.

Our immersions into the watery dark, brings up Our greatest fears to be anticipated and projected.

Look at Yourself.

It is time.


This is growth.

Set Your course by the stars, Captain.

Intentions are powerful.

When We choose to sit with Our emotions, We allow a look at Our feelings to gain the understanding that the ‘feeling’ is a branching from the perspective.

When We have a feeling about a thing, We are reacting to the perspective We have chosen to see about the thing.

In other words- Our feelings and emotions are directly connected to how We choose to witness experiences and people including the current situations in Our world. We choose the name of what We see.

We deem it what it is.

Trial, problem, calamity, mountain to be moved, test of faith and catalyst.

Again- Our abilities to choose what We witness makes Us powerful.

You are deciding in every moment- by what is thought, seen, perceived, spoken, felt, written, acted, reacted and responded upon….

All of it.

Direct the creative power of this New Moon into making peace within Yourself.

As We hold Our intentions to under and overstand Our feelings, We gain deeper insights to the stories of resistance which may now be cleared and We can flow in the creation process of breathing life (inspire, aspire) into Our dreams, hopes and visions.

Ships were built to travel and discover- not to float pretty in harbours or sink and rot at the bottom of oceans. It is time.

Your time.

Master Year.

New Moon.

New You.

Spring Equinox is coming.

This is only a clear out- so let it clear.

Rebirths and Emergence are the tools of the hour.

Breathe deep and remember…

Transitional Times and Transformation


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Transitional Times and Transformation with Healer Tia LaVoie – Part 2

Awakenings with Michele Meiche




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ScaredScarredAndSacred sat in front of the mirror one day and took a good long look at Herself.

‘Where did those come from? Has that always been there? When did that turn grey? Where was I when these were growing?’ And so the story goes, as she poked and prodded, pinched and pined- reminding her ego of her own ‘not good enoughs’ and ‘can’t do rights’.

As the Virgo Full Moon sits in magnified space, with all eyes upon her, it is important to remember that We can be Our own worst critics- and in the same breath Our own most powerful of Creators. Fear or Love, as it has always been, the choice is what grants Us opportunity to expand and the decision is what helps Us walk powerfully.

You are Your own Captor and Saviour, Your own Enemy and Friend. The choice, Dear Reader, is the experience to level up, grow beyond and realize. What You choose wields Your wisdom and reveals You Your worth.

Liberation Is Only A Revelation Away…

ScaredScarredAndSacred overtaxed Herself on all of that ‘yessing’ for the Broken Wings who managed to find themselves in her witness. Back and forth they would dance in front of her with their pretend broken wings flailing- ‘take care of me! Do this because you need me! Don’t leave me, you won’t make it alone!’, are their siren songs for ScaredScarredAndSacred to outgrow and beyond…

As this Full Moon ventures upon Us, may We remember that Our service to Others, is only ever as effective as the help We allow for Ourselves. This Virgo Moon brings up the situations that are necessary for Our own Cosmic jolts and catalyzations. The more resistant that We are to opening the doors for Our personal growth, the louder the Universe will knock.

Use this time to train up for the walk of Your new path. Allow new morning regimens to take root in Your life so that You are conscious in the creation of Your day. Breathe deep and remember that good health- occurs in mind, body, and spirit- and so the importance of righteousness lived in Your life, is what brings both the realization and the alignment of riches- mental, material and spiritual.

The Power Is Within You, Access It By The Understanding Of Allow…

ScaredScarredAndSacred stood up one day and reminded Herself the Truth of her being:

 ‘I exist, I am aware, I create

  I deserve, I breathe, I receive’

Beyond the doubt she saw opportunity,

Beyond the chaos she was order,

Beyond the challenge there was choice,

Beyond the limit she was freedom,

And beyond the lie there was love.

ScaredScarredAndSacred walked away that day, never to be heard from again.

When does the Infinite ever name itself?

When it is one step from that one moment when it knows…

Happy Full Moon To All, Shine It Bright🔥


Happy New Moon In Aquarius…

Jaguar BLSL

Dear Beautiful You,

Still Beautiful. Still You. 


Have You been feeling the change that is upon Us? Have You been noticing the shifts that have been occurring in different aspects of Your world lately? Feel the energies moving? 

You know that feeling when You are standing on the precipice and about to jump? That sort of anxious, butterflies all over the belly, tinge of danger type of excited ‘can You feel this?’ sort of feeling?

Have You seen the way the stories of the people who tell You their stories are peppered with their fear acknowledgements and perceptions of overwhelming lately? We are all adept Storytellers, all well versed in weaving Our own creations and realities… what stories have You been writing lately?

Relax, Dear Beautiful You.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s have a look into this…

This New Moon In Aquarius coupled with a Solar Eclipse as well is a welcome respite from the breathing space We have been in since Autumn Equinox of last year. Katabasis is Our underworld and since September 2017, We have descended, sat on the bottom to see Ourselves and are now ascending towards the reflection of the light at the end of the tunnel that is actually Our very own heartfire transmissions. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus- the planet of lightning medicine/quick and sudden change. You see, the timing of this new moon is in perfection, as the most perfect fire to be lit beneath Us, to set Our motivations and intentions in action leading up to the Spring Equinox in March.

When We allow Our fires to burn- We lighten up- in both brilliance and the the weights that We carry.

It is no longer about releasing energy, it is about alchemizing energy.

Dear Beautiful You-

Allow Yourself to expand and initiate…

Allow Yourself to recognize and remember…

Allow old perceptions to grow into higher learnings…

Allow footsteps to be taken on fertile soil…

Allow heart to guide You…

Know that You are an Alchemist.

Allow the challenges into Your world, what better blessing than to have the classroom and her wisdom come directly to You?

Allow them to laugh and poke and rest assured that this is refining Your mettle…

Allow the lessons to come in and flow along as You choose to remember and apply them…

Know that You are the Student and the Teacher both, in every moment unfolding.

Allow the momentum to grow.

Get excited about the implementation of Your dreams and the subsequential manifestations of Your desires. 

Allow Yourself to believe in Yourself.

I believe in You.

Be Your own biggest Fan, Mover and Shaker.

Know that You are worth it.

Breathe into the knowing that You are creating this.

Dear Beautiful You…

The next moment is not promised, illumination is happening now. 

Fires lit.

Take action.

Honour the magyc by honouring the Self.

Happy New Moon, Dear Beautiful You.