Dear World

Dear World,
My Friend, it has been awhile since We have last spoken, but I want You to know I think of You everyday.  I witness the beauty that is You in the sunrises You send, the mountains I retreat to, in the laughter of children, in the cries of the eagles, the forests I pray in, and the wisdom from my Grandmother’s words. You bring all of these gifts to me, and I am grateful.   But something troubles me…

   I am witnessing, firsthand, the panic that is spreading across Your space.  I am observing the reflection of mass hysteria from the constantly beamed ‘information’ across all news stations and publications, hearing the fear from strangers and loved ones alike~ unemployment up, homes being foreclosed, zombie apocalypse, the end times of 2012, the price of gas, the impact of globalization, destruction of the environment, which candidate is the lesser of two evils and war.  Ahh, that old friend of fear, war.  I am seeing the people of the world divide themselves across cultural, blood and borderlines, and continue to ‘fight’ to defend their views, their divisions, their beliefs, and their Gods~and so very often these gods are Gods of Love.  I see them fight because they are controlled by an invisible Puppetmaster who truly only cares about the next barrel of oil, the next pound of gold, the next country to be ‘won’… Here is where I remember one of the tenets from an ‘Art of War’ manual- “the way the few may control the many is ‘Divide and Conquer’ ” …in a ‘divided’ society, there are many reasons not to offer sympathy and compassion to Others.  People feel safe w/ their ‘own kind’, likeminds who reassure Us that We are ‘right’ and they (enemy) are ‘wrong’.  In this mentality it becomes difficult to see the truth.  Which is, not that You and Yours are ‘right’, You just happen to agree.
I am seeing how fearful Your Children are becoming.  I believe people have lost their senses: their sense of worth, their sense of community, their sense of hope, their sense of Love.  At the end of the day, We all bleed, We all experience, We all just want a roof over Our heads, food in Our bellies, and Our children to be safe.  We all want kinship and to be happy.  We all want to belong.  We have become mentally imprisoned to believe that We can not have that.  Can not be that.  Can not choose that.  Truly, I tell You, We Are All One.  It is only Our egoic perspectives (fearbased) that tell Us We are not.  It is only Our self imposed fears that has told the lie so many times that We are now believing it.  We deserve to Love and Be Love.  Love,is Our most natural essence of Being.  Love is the Truth.
Children of the World, look at Yourselves.  Who have You become?  and Why?  When did You hand over Your freedoms to ‘the experts’?  Who else can know You the best but You?  And moreso, why are You so very afraid of Yourselves?  The reality is whatever You believe it to be.  Perspective is everything.  Find comfort sitting w/Yourselves and taking a look at where You are and where You wish to go.  Who You are, and who You wish to be.  The way to regain Your power is to realize it, accept it, and apply it.  It is Yours, and regardless of what You have come to believe, You have never truly ‘given’ it away, only chose to believe in the lie that it could be given.  What is Truly Yours can never be taken, or given, only the belief that it has.  You are whatever You believe Yourself to be and You can change it anytime.  All We’ve truly got, is right now, the Present moment.  That is where We may access the Power of Our Divinity.  Release Your fears to the burial grounds, honour Them, but let them go.  To whom and what do they serve?  and does that serve You?  is it beneficial to Your life and the lives of Your loved ones to continue on afraid and angry?  ‘Where there is life, there is hope’~have a little faith~in Yourselves and Others.  Be a little kinder~To Yourselves and Others.  Why not call a friend this day and let them know how grateful You are that they are in Your world? Who cares what Others think?  See God (whatever deity You worship) in everyone this day, and that not only includes, but begins with, You.  Think, if You are one ripple in the pond, that ripples spans out and touches others, who touch others, who touch others… This could be the beginning of something big, realize this day that You have choices.  Realize this day that You are Beautiful and Worth It, Priceless and Perfect.  Realize this day, that You, I and We are All One.  That thru Unity, We can change this hardened reality, that thru the realization of Love, We can stand in Our Power.  True Power.
Thank You World, for being exactly who You are, and thank You kindred Spirits who are reading this for being exactly who You are.  I have one question,’when a teardrop falls into the ocean, where does the teardrop end and the ocean begin?’  That is the Division between You and Divintiy, We are all Teardrops and the Ocean.  Bless Us One and All…~ Tia

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