Gods of War



“The danger of utilizing the power of a deity to justify war is that whatsoever and whosoever the Other side may be, are doing the exact same thing with their almighty and all powerful deity.  When war is a ‘war of God’ and of absolute truths, there is no breathing room for mercy”… I hope that today We all can take the opportunity to look within, at Our own wars and battles that We have chosen to ‘fight’ in Our worlds and perhaps breathe mercy into the wounded and weary.  The missing element through any ‘strife’ is Consciousnes.  Mercy=Forgiveness and Forgivness=Purification.  Forgiveness is a powerful Grace.  “Resist not Evil”~ evil is everything when You are susceptible to it, it is nothing when You are not.  Love is more powerful than evil because love alone is real.  Be Love and allow that to permeate all existence and resistance.  Bless Us One and All

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