Presence is the doorway

                                                                                                                                           IAM Love Photography

Presence is the doorway that allows You access to Your Power.  You can not utilize power by attempting to live in the history of Your past, nor can You connect to it by worrying over Your future of ‘whats to come’, the only time You can tap into it is in this Present moment.  Right now.  So what is stopping You?  There is only one place You can ever truly be, and there is only one time it can ever truly be~ the Place is Here and the Time is Now.  Bless Us One and All…

2 thoughts on “Presence is the doorway

  1. Perhaps You are having trouble closing the door because there is more to be revealed? There is more lesson to be learned? Friend, one of Your greatest lessons is to cease judgement~ the fact that You can see Your sister’s negativity and the fact that You judge her and whatever roles she adopts for her experience~ take a look at them. What do they bring up for You to which You have not wanted to witness? Once You are dealing with the experience,You do not need to make the effort to close or open any doors as they will all close and open upon their own volition..the only thing to do, is have a look at the experiences,be true to Self and Spirit in honouring what needs to be honoured and laying to rest what needs to die..Instead of praying and focusing energy on closing Your doors, pray and focus on OVERstanding Self and the past experiences, dealing w/ the suffering that still keeps You enslaved and realizing Your power in all of this…Bless the journey of Your sister and Your Own Divine Self, Queen…


  2. These words are very true….. Seems at times I have difficulties closing the door to my childhood and all the suffering I experienced.. It doesn’t help that my own sister brings negativity up and plays the victim when she was not old enough to remember.. And communicates with the abuser.. 😦 its a door I wish to exicute and burn!!! Easier said then done.. I’ve been talked to by many and yet it still seems to creep up and I’m sure that’s why my body presently has issues… I pray and focus my positive energy on closing that door so that I may open new opportunities! Blessings to all..


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