The Journey Begins


A woman on a journey is standing at her run-of-the-mill-free breakfast bar in her run-of-the-mill hotel in Anytown,USA. Whilst waiting for the breakfast waffle maker to buzz its ready, she  barely listens to the monotonous drone of this presidential candidate and that presidential candidate and as this analyst and that expert discuss who is better than whoever on the communal breakfast room tv. Quickly a clip plays of one unspoken nominee campaigning for 27hours straight…and the woman wonders in her mind ‘with all this happening, whats going on in new york? Why arent they raising help for those people as obsessively as their attempt to raise votes for their campaigns?’ Waffle maker sounds and the thought is dismissed w/ a blessing.

Same woman on same journey drives into familiar territory and stops to see a friend. Friend sits w/ morning coffee,about to ready for work and is happy to share in good conversation and company as is the woman on the journey. News on tv is playing as morning background soundtrack and the Friend decides to change the station, Friend wonders aloud why cant those in positions of power be as fervent in helping others as they help themselves- channel changes and it is a run of the mill daily gabfest with run of the mill hostesses all sitting around chatting, but this chatting is with numbers at the bottom of the screen. It seems the show is running a charity drive for New York, and the money goes to a very well known charity,a very familiar charity, who most people recognize its colors and longheld symbol of protection. The dollar amounts are climbing, rising rapidly, for the few minutes the show is on before the Friend changes the channel again. The next channel also reveals still another talkshow complete with a dynamic hosting duo and wait, there at the bottom, is still another group of numbers with dollar signs that are climbing instantly. The woman asks the Friend to hold on a minute. Beginning to pay attention, the woman notices that the other station is also donating to the same charity as previous station,and it seems this charity has alot of support. Becoming curious, the woman does a quick inquiry and after a few searches the woman begins to realize that this charity comes under alot of scrutiny for not using its money in the best of ways. But it does offer a rather large workforce of loyal and free volunteers.

The woman wants to help but does not know what to do. So, she sits down and ponders what she does have. The heart to love and the faith to take the first step. A desire to help. A drive to ‘do something’. And a very powerful and very  loving Circle of likeminded Friends.Who each have  very powerful and very loving Circles of  likeminded Friends who have likeminded Friends….whose in?Bless Us One and All.

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