A Call to Hearts

Vegas Sunset Love


In a time when doubt and limitation are constantly permeating newswaves and the cultural norm, in a time when fear enters into every doorway opened without Presence, in a time of a “get Them before They get Us” and “A Call To Arms” mentality, I am proposing this to You.
How about A Call To Hearts? Just as military units rally the troops for a war, I am calling for You,in Your states of Divinity and God realizations to stand in Your truth. In Love. How about the next time You hear about bombs pointed Our way, or this horrendous story, or that daunting threat, why not give exactly and all that You can? What is that that You can give? It is Love. It is Your truth. It is Presence in every situation and experience. And that is what will allow the reflection of all this loatheing, hate and fear to change. That is what will catalyze and help others do the same.
Remember, there is great strength in one person holding their Presence, walking in their Truth, and there is even greater power in numbers. When You choose to experience Your day, it is always a choice, in every moment. A choice to choose fear or a choice to choose love. The power is Yours. The power has always been Yours. Use it. You already have been, throughout Your entire life, I am simply reminding You that it is Your choice. Fear or Love?
A Call to Hearts, a call to give love to any and all-beginning with Self, a call to stand in the power of knowing that the outside reflects the inside and as soon as One decides to walk in Truth, the experince will change in the reflection as well. A call to recognize each and every being, each and every thing in this beautiful and magykal reality as God, experiencing Self. And it is all in perfection.
A CALL TO HEARTS. What do You choose in this moment? Bless Us All One.

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