The Outside Reflects the Inside. I have been witnessing this Universal Alchemical Truth on a daily basis lately. Experiences that are occurring in Your waking life are reflections coming from within You. You are the Source that is reflected in Your world. Your experiences that happen in Your life are simply the reflections of the Source (You). If Your thoughts are in a mess, then the state of Your bedroom or even Your car will reflect that. Is Your familial life in upheaval? Look at the destructive thoughts and limiting behaviors You commit upon Yourself. Are Others gossiping about You? Then what sort of self judgement are You speaking to Your own Self for that to be the action reflected back at You? We all emit a vibration, and the speed and quality of that vibration is dependent upon the quality of Your own thoughts. If You think bad thoughts, bad things will happen. If You think good thoughts, good things will happen. If You speak Kindness to Others, Kindness will reflect back on You. If You curse Others, You will receive curses in turn, and when You begin blessing Others, You will receive blessings in turn. I have read the quote “Change Begins from Within”, and I absolutely believe in that very powerful statement. It all starts with You and You are Priceless. The world would be a much better place if everyone would look at themselves in the mirror in the morning and say ‘i am priceless. I know i am priceless. ‘If Everyone knew their self worth was ‘priceless’ all of Our actions would be Priceless. If You are at wits end and wish to change Your life around, then You must first change the vibration You are putting out there. If You are praying for miracles and can see none in sight, please remember this ‘the darkest hour is just before the dawn’, have faith, and keep Your focus on what You want to happen. Cease to allow fears (FEAR= Forgetting Everything’s All Right) to control You. Sit down.Breathe.  And envision the outcome You wish to experience. It all starts with You. The first step is the clincher as that is the one that must be taken in faith.I can tell You, from experience, that it does work out. Faith allows the magyk to happen. The Outside reflects the Inside, indeed. Bless Us One and All.

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