Thats Just the Way I Am…


“doing things that are ‘out of character’ will allow things that are ‘out of character’ to happen for You”…what do You want to happen For Yourself this day? What cycles are You currently caught up in? What lessons are You refusing to accept in Your world that are preventing You from growing beyond Your current experience? Go to grow beyond where You are…I would like to hear who is making changes and how are You test flying Your newfound superpowers…remember there is great power in the sacrifice of vulnerability.Bless

2 thoughts on “Thats Just the Way I Am…

  1. Changes …. I am moving through pathways and trails deep within that I’d never have imagined stumbling across, much less actually exploring. All things are new to me, and all have incredible value in the lessons I am learning just by being open and honoring my Gemini nature (curious, curious, curious). I have learned not to discount or judge anything, and by so doing, new and wonderful things are coming into my life, including miracles, money, love, and magick. Thank you, Universe, for being my creative partner in this lifetime and so many others.


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