You were there once as well



Be Present.You choose Love now, but have You always???
Be grateful to those who laughed at You in Your past, as it grants You the opportunity to hold compassion for those who choose fear. Be grateful for those who kicked You whilst You were down, because everyone deserves forgiveness, even those who make choices in fear. Be grateful to the challenges others bring to You, as they will lead You to the ability to be brave and look at and heal from their actions taken in fear. Perhaps at one time, You were making choices in fear, and perhaps at one time someone showed You compassion, or forgiveness, or understanding.
The next time We go to judge another person’s actions remember that at some point in Your existence, You were there once as well. How else do You think You have come to this place, where You,in turn,have this opportunity to show them there is something more fruitful, more hopeful…better….Bless♥

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