Monsters in the dark

Hot Springs, AK

“Monsters in the Dark are Never Quite so Scary When You Can Call Each One By Name” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Welcome to Your Katabasis. This is the time of Initiation.The Initiation of Your Fearlessness. We have all been forced down into Our face the monsters in Our Dark, to discover where they hideout,to understand how they got there to begin with,to cease FIGHTING them and begin to UNDERSTAND them…once You can Understand, then You can begin Letting Go. Thats the process, and its beautiful. You wouldn’t be facing them now if You were not ready for them. That is how it works. In fact, You would not be experiencing anything that You are currently experiencing if You were not ready for it. It IS happening because You, indeed, ARE READY.
So, the UnderWorld and Your Initiation. It is happening to get You to a point where You are walking Your journey in Fearlessness. Why do You think We have to face the Big Scary Monsters in Our Worlds to begin with? It is not to continue perpetuating things to be scared of, although that is the trap many people choose to accept as their Truth. It is to give You the lesson that You CAN overcome. You need not grip fear,what and who does that truly serve? And yes, It is You who grips the Fear. Fear is an UnTruth,that everyone breathes life into at one point or another-it is part of the Initiation of becoming Fearless. Fear has no hands to hold You, so, the next time Your ego tells You that You ‘are caught in the GRIP of fear’, catch Yourself and call the bulls*&% where its bulls*&%…’Fear, it is NOT You gripping me. I am the one with the hands. So it is I, gripping You. And now that I know, I can choose. I have this moment, right now, and I choose Love, and in choosing the Love that entails me, releasing You.And so now I do.’…Bless♥

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