End of a cycle


We are ending a cycle of the year. What an amazing journey it has been so far.

I am grateful for the challenges,the lessons and the learning in my life. HOWEVER, I am also grateful for all of Your experiences, realizations and revelations that You have shared with me. Your stories about following Your intuition, remembering Your truth and taking steps from that knowing and discovering just how powerful You are have been beautiful,inspiring and enlightening. I am grateful for each and everyone of You and each and every step You have taken…as I have said, this whole Universe would be completely different without those steps that YOU took. On behalf of the entire Universe (Uni Verse= One Song) I thank You.
You truly ARE Love.
You truly ARE Priceless
You truly ARE Fearless
You truly ARE Beautiful
And this truly IS all happening in Perfection…

And for realizing this, IT HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT…
Thank You for the Courage,the Kindness and the Love.
Thank You for the Sharing,the Inspiration and the Hope.
In a world where fear,war and greed are a constant projection, there are Beings like You- Visionaries, Catalysts, Chamans, WyldWomyn, and HopeFilled Wanderers working upon themselves, realizing their Truth and creating change within Themselves to witness change in the World. And that is beautiful. And worth it.
I hope that today,You may contemplate what You are grateful for,and perhaps even step further and find something in someone else to be grateful for. And then share it. Share it with the person in mind, and share it on here. You never know what will grow from seeds unless You plant them.
There is great power in numbers and I truly believe the more that We share in graciousness, the more Others will mirror that, and the more We will all begin to realize, ‘For all questions, the answer is LOVE’.
Thank You for taking time to read this and for sharing,if You like.

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