‘The Fates lead Those who will,Those who won’t,They drag’ ….


One of the running themes that I continue witnessing is people climbing their mountains,and standing upon their precipices and petitioning the Gods,and journeying upon their heroes’ quests and slaying their dragons and throwing their sacrifices into the fires and doing all manner of word and ritual to bring about change and transformation into their worlds. And then…The Change begins…and because it is something new,or because of how We have been raised,or brought up culturally, or because We have become so complacent with ‘how its been’,We get scared. And We do Our best to turn away, or run away, or find something to dig into, burrow into, hide inside of or in any other way ‘get’ away from it. Here it is,however…This change is a reflection of Yourself commanding it. Calling it down, bringing it into, embracing, or in any other way allowing it to come to fruition. Consciously requesting the manifestation of change will bring about the manifestation of change. This CHANGE is You and there is no way that You can escape Yourself. I tell You, anytime You begin to utilize Conscious Knowledge, anytime You choose to walk in Conscious Knowledge, the Universe (or God,or Love or whatever You call personally what You deify) is going to test You. Change will occur regardless of what You choose to do with the test, progression will occur when You choose Love whilst being tested. If You call for change to happen, trust, it will heed Your call.
And at times it is a soft wake,easy breeze type of happening and in other moments it is a rolling,tumbling,throw You-around-like-a-ragdoll-in-the-wash, waves crashing type of occurrence..and all of a sudden, We are experiencing CHANGE. And it happens. And sometimes You are coughing and sputtering, flailing about, and sometimes You are exhilarated and exhausted, and yes,it can be a little scary and yes it can feel a little uncomfortable. And YES, it is Change. And You asked for it. The amount of resistance that You put up to change is what will make it feel however it feels. Change becomes a lot more peaceful of an experience when You cease FEARFULLY flailing in the waters and begin LOVINGLY swimming in the waters. Begin CONSCIOUSLY floating in the waters.
All is in Connection and All Truly is One. Once this has been realized,then the quote at the top of this writing transforms from a picture of predeterminism to one of freewill.
Consciousness is given to Us upon entrance into Form. We arrive in a state of Determinism. Just as a baby is already born with the muscles it will eventually need to walk,run,jump and swim, those muscles must be developed in order to crawl first,and then move to taking steps,to running and the rest of the actions…Consciousness is Our muscle that We will use in order to develop more than just laying down in Our journey- when You are just laying there ,looking up, and witnessing the world pass You by,when You are just ‘accepting the hand You have been dealt’ or ‘taking it’ because that is what someone like You does, then You are existing in a realm of determinism. We are given this field to work in in order to develop Our Consciousness in connection to Our abilities as Creators. We work with Our Consciousness,practice with it and exercise it-sometimes We stand,sometimes We fall down,and all times We get back up to continue making it stronger…to continue making Us stronger. And one day, because You do the work,because You give forth effort, because Your strength grows, the field You have been working in becomes even greater. Because You expand Your Consciousness, Your ability to Realize the Truth of Your Experience, Your field expands. Your world expands when You do. YOUR WORLD EXPANDS WHEN YOU EXPAND…What do You choose to catalyze in this day? in this moment? What change do You call forward now upon this part of Your Journey? Toes up,Baby,float on.. Bless♥

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