“All Antagonisms Are Complimentary”

No matter what has ever happened to You, it has been perfect. No matter what Your story looks like and no matter where it ends up, it has been and will continue to be,perfect. No matter what anyone has ever done to You, and certainly,no matter what You have ever done to anyone, it has all been perfect. How do I know? Because there is nothing but perfection.
In the natural unfolding of all there is, without the lens’ of Our ego’s perceptions, the judgements that tend to happen based upon Our belief systems and the various conditionings through different channels all helping to mould,meld and form the stylized projection of ‘Me’- We tend to forget that this is all so perfect. Beyond what We deem ‘bad’ or ‘good’, ‘dark’ and ‘light’, and ‘fear’ or ‘love’, it is all, ultimately in perfection.
This Journey is unique. And it is Yours. And no one else could ever experience it the way that You are. Everything would be different without You,walking Your path, in this experience. Everything. And that is perfect.
In understanding the perfect unfolding of it all, You can witness the truth of the words, ‘All Antagonisms Are Complimentary’…All the challenges,the opportunities, the doubts You overcame and the fears, that, at times, still find their way into Your experience,were ALL helping to bring You a lesson. A bit of Knowledge. To learn. And to grow from. No matter how it looks from Our judgements, these situations, people and experiences have helped to make You stronger. All of it. We brush up against boundaries and limitations, not to be imprisoned, but for BREAKTHROUGH. It feels uncomfortable at times along Our Path, because We are feeling the resistance of the lines of structure and boundary, beginning to give way to Our ever increasing growth and progress. This IS how it works. Your BREAKTHROUGH is at hand. Go beyond the judgements, doubts and self deprecating ideas..in other words, get out the way of Yourself and watch what happens. We only allow new into Our worlds,by taking action to that which We have never done…Fly a little Higher to see a little Further…Bless♥

3 thoughts on ““All Antagonisms Are Complimentary”

  1. Like attracts like FeatherMoon Poet 🙂 or, the nice people always find the other nice people at the party…thank You for the gift You are to this world.Bless<3


  2. I was surprised to find fear creeping into my thoughts a couple of nights ago, and it ate at me all day yesterday. I thought I was long past fear, having done the thing that – in my history – has frightened me the most. But no…. there was its familiar face, sneering at me. I think that sometimes fear worms its way in to teach us not to be complacent and feel that we’ve “gotten there”. That we have not, and will never stop growing and expanding…. and finding more to love and more light to spread into those dark corners we encounter. And as you said, all antagonisms are complimentary….. I take that to mean that any situation we feel discomfort about – whether it’s fear, anger, frustration, saddness… all are there to teach us a lesson. Sometimes the lesson takes some DEEP diving…. but if we focus, and look, and use the whole of our spirits to “see”…. we will find the answer we seek, and then be able to change it. I am doing that as we speak…. searching, searching – outside reflects the inside. My mantra until I find it…. OUTSIDE REFLECTS THE INSIDE. Bless….

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