It is really interesting how many exasperated texts I have received over the last 2 months with the energy of ‘ I thought I learned that lesson already’ or ‘I really felt like I was through with that’…here is something to ponder and hopefully help You over stand a few things about the Shift.
*YOU ARE WORTH IT TO CHANGE… In my experience and in my line of work, I have come to see that one of the biggest issues for people in creating change, is that most people do NOT recognize that they ARE worth it to allow change. YOU ARE WORTH IT. We are only meant to suffer until We realize that We are not meant to suffer. Your life is not meant to be a ‘cross to bare’ or ‘just the hand that You were dealt’. You are a Creator. You are born into this world as a baby with all the muscles You will need to eventually be able to stand,walk,run,dive,fly and so on…You do not just arrive having the skill set to accomplish all of those actions, but You do arrive with all the tools You will need and gradually, through practice, they will come to be. It is the same with Our Spiritual/Creative abilities. You are born into this world with the tools, now it is time to practice. Calling for change and being receptive to it are the practice of developing that Spiritual muscle. And that, is beautiful.
*IF YOU ARE READY TO ASK, THEN BE READY TO RECEIVE…oftentimes, it seems, that people will sit down and ask for what They desire to happen. Understand that, when You ask,when You speak the Word for manifesting something new into Your world, You are calling for change to happen. In order for You to get into alignment with whatever it is You are desiring to manifest, it is necessary for a sort of shifting to happen. The vibration of where You are is different from the vibration of where You wish to be. If You speak of change, then over stand that You are calling in for change to happen- in order to get You into the space of what You desire to experience, this shifting must occur. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE SHIFTING  It is my feeling that those texts I was referring to in the first paragraph came from people who are getting caught up in the shifting of vibrations all in order to bring Them to the alignment that They had asked for. Make sense?
I am grateful to each of You who are calling into the world that which You deserve. I am grateful for the challenges that arise for myself and each of Us in order to teach Us the lessons that We are meant to learn. The more You learn the more You grow and that is beautiful. The more You grow the more Power You wield to manifest said desires. Give Yourselves credit for all the will and courage it takes to become the Conscious Creator that You are meant to be. You are doing it. And that, is beautiful. Bless♥

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