A few weeks ago, We held a Gathering, a 3 Day Intensive in which a powerful group of like minded Beings came together to share food,share space, and to share in the sacred.
My life will never be the same again.*Big Smile
I thank each and every one of You for sacrificing Your vulnerability to stand in Your power with all of Us and accept Your right as a Conscious Creator. Ithank You for the sharing, the listening, and the teaching. I thank You for the laughter,the tears and the realizations and re-rememberances.
Saturday was really intense for me and what my Great Grandmother would of termed ‘Cathartic’. A release. Some serious ‘stuff’ for purging was brought up, some forgiveness was requested, and some forgiveness was given. And it was beautiful. And perfect.
FORGIVENESS IS FOR GIVING. To forgive another and particularly to forgive Self, You are allowing peace to enter into a memory from the past. To forgive is also indicative of Your own Spirit’s growth in developing and moving out of the confines of ego in order to grow beyond, through understanding and compassion and to take action from the heart (COURAGE). And that is some powerful medicine to be working with. And perfect.
WE ALL DESERVE FORGIVENESS. Life is not meant to be lived in hurt, in pain, and in suffering. If You are living Your life with hurt,pain and or suffering then there is something in Your world that could use forgiveness. Thank You, Beautiful Grandmother, for instilling within me that We are All God’s Children. That everyone is someone’s child. And if We are to respect and honour Our Own Divine’s Creation, then that includes respecting and honouring All of Divine’s Creation. Today, You deserve forgiveness.
I ask You,today, in this moment to identify something in Your world that You deserve to release Yourself from by forgiving. Whether You did not say what You felt needed to be said and have since conditioned Yourself to believe that it is ‘too late’, whether You have held to the notion that You were ‘at the wrong place at the wrong time’, or that the reason some experience occurred was because You were not ‘good enough’ or ‘righteous enough’ or just plain ‘not enough’- I ask today, right now, to choose love and choose to forgive. You deserve.
FORGIVENESS FREES. To forgive, We release Ourselves of the bonds and shackles that have held Us in Our own minds’ imprisonments for so long. Forgiving frees Us as well as opens unseen doors for Us to enter and journey through on this amazing experience called ‘Our Lives’. Forgiving Ourselves allows Us to move forward and grow beyond all the low vibrations We establish and solidify in Our worlds by blaming selves, feeling guilty, and shame filled.
It is Your choice to continue on and perpetuate , or to shine some Light of Our Own Awareness into the Darkness and transmutate whatever it is We have going on to which We would like to witness a Conscious change.
Today, I forgive myself of the times in my history that I refused my Divinity and turned away fearfully from the gentle direction of my heart. I have brought hurt to some worlds in my past, and to that I can only say, ‘I did my best in those moments at where I was on my journey. And from those lessons I have grown. And I hope that You have as well. I release myself from self inflicted bondage and will move forward working from my Presence and the Truth of Love that I am. Thank You. I Forgive Me and I Am Grateful.’
Thank You, C, for inspiring this message today. I am forever grateful. Bless♥

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