Spirit Speaks


When Spirit speaks, do You choose to know? When Spirit speaks, do You choose to listen? When Spirit speaks, Do You choose to act?
I hear people say in moments, ‘There is nothing I can do about that ___!’ Please make sure that the next time You catch Yourself speaking those words, You check with heart about what is doubting Your ability to do something. Heart speaks, ‘Yes, You Can/Infinite Possibility’. Ego loves excuses to do nothing.
Fear or Love. You ALWAYS have choice, and that is a Powerful Realization to be working with. There is great Power in Your choice. Go beyond it to grow beyond it. Bless♥

2 thoughts on “Spirit Speaks

  1. Thank You,Mari…may I ask You,what exactly is the enemy? And moreso, what within You is witnessing the ‘enemy’ in the experience? Be aware, what You fight You become…You are all there is, perspectives included, dualities as well…good,bad, light,dark,evil and honourable. When You only see one side of the whole, You are fragmenting Self and because You are all there is, why divide Yourself like that? Something to ponder…You are Everything.


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