“COURAGE”= To take action from the Heart…



If I choose to hear the voice of my heart, and I choose to take action from the guidance that my heart gives, then I am working in the Grace of Courage. The choice is always Yours. It is Your decision to listen and take action from Your heart. The choice is where the power is. You have this moment to choose. And You have this moment. And this moment. And this moment. Now is all We ever have,so what is it You choose?  Being courageous does not depend on if You were born under the ‘right’ zodiac sign, or if You came into the world at the ‘right’ hour, or even if You were born into the ‘right’ Tribe…All zodiac signs have the choice to choose fear or love, whatever hour You were born into is when You as Formlessness came into Form and trust, it was the most perfect time, AND no matter what Tribe You came into, ultimately We are All part of the All One Tribe…so, excuses aside, do You choose to hear Your heart now?And moreso, do You choose to take action from Your heart now?  There is great Power in the choice. And We all have the choice..what does Your heart speak presently?  A certain Mystery School teaches the Initiate to make a decision in Seven breaths..Seven, the number of Spirit. Exploration.The Soul’s realization of its own Divinity…Seven breaths….  In seven breaths I now ________ ….*one, two…three…four…five….

*Deep breath….Bless♥

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