Each day is a learning experience, and it is up to Us to gain the lessons for Ourselves.
No one is responsible for Your growth but You.  And You are not responsible for the growth of any Other.
Something I would like to share in this time is that as You grow in Awareness, You expand Your foundations and belief systems.  Those beliefs, in turn, expand in thoughts, to words, and to actions.  I can not share enough, how important this understanding is.
Words.  Words are things and they create the thought into manifestation.  I ask You all, to please be incredibly aware of the words that You use.  If You understand spiritual awareness, and if You accept that the Truth is Love, and if You realize that Your words and thoughts create, then why would You continue to create a limiting reality with Your choice in speech?
If You, Yourself, are choosing to walk Your Path, then please, check Your Spiritual vocabulary.  How are You creating with Your words?  Remember, the Heart speaks the language of Love, it speaks of Infinite Possibilities and all that You deserve.  Ego speaks in doubt, limitation and overwhelming perspectives.

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