Happy Soulstice, New Moon & Upcoming Events

I am hoping that this message finds

each of You in the best of health, wealth and Spirit. Happy

Soulstice and New Moon, Happy beautiful day for being here

and breathing in this amazingness of opportunity to Create

as You so deserve and desire.

This time of the year is all about reflection

and reception. Reflecting upon the steps that have lead You

to this point upon Your journey. In that reflection, hold

the intention of understanding, and remembering the Truth

that All is in Perfection. Whatever has happened to You has

been perfect, what You have done to Yourself and Others,

even that has been perfect. What they have said, what has

occurred, what they have thought has been part of the

journey of this perfection. Hold to that. You are a Divine

Being. Divinity is Perfection. You are Divine, therefore, as

You choose to walk in Your Divinity, You are perfection. In

mind, body and Spirit. We spend so much time being

conditioned that no one is perfect, and yet, taught to seek

perfection itself. That is one of the biggest misconceptions

along Our journeys. To hold the ideal that anything is

imperfect. How could it be? You are Divine. Divine is

Perfection. You are Divine. You are Perfection.

Breathe deep from this life, and remember Your Truth. You

are Love. You could only ever be Love. Your judgments upon

actions and observations are the only things that can

witness imperfection. And at one time, this served You. And

now You have grown and are continuing to grow (a beautiful

thing<3). Just as We no longer crawl as babies, and have

the strength, power and know how to walk, run and beyond, We

no longer have use for Our ability to make those judgments

and perpetuate suffering in Our worlds. It was a tool. There

is no reason to hold so tightly to seeking shelter under

trees, when You know how to build a house. There is no

reason to worry about foraging when You know how to plant

seeds. And nurture them. And harvest. Release what no longer

serves You and embrace what does. And as You grow, Your

tools will grow, Your skills will grow, and Your Spirit will

grow. Bless that.

The other energy of this time of

year is reception. Have You ever noticed how good You are at

doing for Others? Have You ever noticed how quickly You will

drop everything to go and help another? Sometimes, You

receive a thank You. Sometimes You do not. How does that

influence how You feel? We know how good You are at doing

for Others, my question is, how good are You at doing for

Self? Some of You believe that You are made to answer the

distress call of another, and how intense must things get

for You to send out Your own? Reciprocation. Equal Energetic

Exchange. Manifestation.

We grow in spirals and circles. We move in spirals and

circles. And those are holy spaces, holy areas to fill…as

You receive, You give. As You seek, You find. As You go

deeper within, the outer expands. Everything flows. So,

anytime You are giving more than receiving You are stifling

the flow of harmony and resonance that allows the Universe

to flow smoothly. You deserve to receive just as much as You

give. Remember that. Remember that You will only receive

what You feel You deserve. Guess what? You are Priceless.

And You deserve it all for Your greater good. You deserve to

be healthy, You deserve to be happy and You deserve to

experience a limitless life in peace, in harmony, being the

Divine Creator that You are…

It is time that We expand this message.

It is time that We reach as many as We can, who in turn can

reach as many as they can. Let the HeartLight shine. Be Your

own inspiration and watch the reflections multiply. That is

how this world will reflect Our realizations and

transformations. By finding inspiration within Ourselves (To

inspire means to breathe). By walking fearlessly and

choosing Love, the world will begin to shine her Light back

to the Source of what is being reflected. That is You. And

that is amazing. And beautiful. And perfection. And You are

Amazing. And Beautiful. And Perfection. Thank You for all

that each of You do. Thank You for realizing and walking in

Your Truth. I am so very grateful to be a part of this with

each of You. HeartLight..*tap,tap…

My life has been blessed to

receive the knowledge that has been passed down to me by

WiseWomyn, Tribal Elders, Yebichai, Sanyusis, and Jaguar

Chamans. I am grateful for my travels and adventures,

rituals and rites. I apprenticed under Patrick Collard and

forever, I will honour the opportunities he gifted me.(Thank


I have taken solitude in my

cave, and received the message that is mine. ‘It is time’. I

am now to the point in my life that I am ready to share

those teachings with a select few. Beginning on August 1rst,

myself and 10 of You will embark upon a 2 month formal

experience and hopefully a lifelong kindred adventure. I am

offering a FireWalker Apprenticeship. Just as my teacher

offered to me. With the understanding that We each walk with

Our Divine Flame intact, through teaching, meditation,

understanding, realization, practice and essential tools, We

gain the Mastery to empower that Flame at will. Fire

protects, and it can destroy, and it can heal. And it

creates. To be a FireWalker, one must pass through the Fire.

One must look upon themselves without judgment. Without

fear. Without separation. And once the Initiate can, she

does, and once she does, she Is. This apprenticeship will

not be first come, first serve. This will be a very intense


with a tribe just as willing to be there as You are. There

will be one on one teachings and conference class as well.

All may apply, and I will handpick each participant. All who

are interested, please contact me. I am grateful to share

this experience with You, FireWalkers.



July 12th is coming. YOU ARE ALL INVITED ❤ Humanity deserves to realize that Hope is

Faith upon the horizon. And it is getting near, near and

then even closer than that. The Power to heal is within each

of Us. When You have one person realizing that, it is indeed

a miracle waiting to happen. When You have a whole group of

people realizing that, it is indeed a MIRACULOUS

HAPPENING…this Gathering is free for all. Please feel free

to invite anyone that Your heart inspires You to. We are all

in this together. And miracles are real. Bless<3

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Journey with the Jaguar.

It’s the Yucatan. It’s the eclipse. It’s Uxmal, cenotes and

the Mayan White Road… it’s spiritual death and

rebirthings. It is ages old wisdom in the tradition of

Tezcatlipoca and Tepeyollotl. It is Awareness and

Transcendence. It is the casting of Illusion and walking in

Truth. It will be the journey to initiate You into the

Jaguar energy that permeates all life and surpasses anger

and suffering. To embrace the jaguar is to embrace the most

primal aspects of Self. Jaguar is Yours to find, to know,

and to become.


One last word, I would like

to thank each and everyone of You for the courage that You

are all tapping into. The truths that You are realizing, the

legends that You are writing for Yourselves and the faith

that You utilize to create these amazing lives We live. I

see it in my interactions with You, I witness it in Your

newfound steps You take from all of Your realizations and

applications. YOU ARE DOING IT. And I am so very grateful

that We are doing this together. Thank You for being a part

of all that We are doing here.






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