I came across this quote today and felt a gentle urging to share with the rest of You.
Oftentimes in Our lives in the monotony of daily happenings, We are witnesses to the manifestations of the fear-choices decided by Others. Gossip, anguish, shame, greed and guilt permeate society. We are taught it is ‘dog eat dog’ and ‘cant trust anyone as people are only out for themselves’.. I can understand the challenge of ‘being love’ when the media outlets are on a constant barrage of the aforementioned energy. Here is Your reminder. That slow vibration mentality need not be Our truth….
I have travelled this Earth extensively. This world is an amazing place, and I can not imagine something so beautiful as a reflection for the mass media propagation of negative actions and activities. There has to be more to it than this. I believe in the inherent good in all people and I believe in the HeartLight of every one walking, loving and inhabiting this planet.
My Grandmother taught me as a child that every one is someone’s child, and ultimately all God’s children. So, it was important to be kind to all, even those I did not always wish to be kind to…
Committing one loving act of kindness today not only helps the one You are helping, it also helps You, me, and all the rest of Us.
War does not bring peace, the intention and acts of peace does. Hate does not beget Love, the realization of Love and the acts of Love create Love.
Be Love. Know Peace. Be Kind and make Your goodworks in choice. All God’s Children. Please, have a look at the following videos and remember the importance of not only blessing Self but being a blessing in the lives of Others.  Thank You. All One. Bless♥




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