Your heart will show You the Way <3


The more We allow OurSelves to see w/ Our hearts,

The more Our hearts will allow Us to see OurSelves…

What scares You are only aspects of You that You have yet to become acquainted with. What You fear are only aspects of what You have yet to understand. People fear what They don’t know, so get to know it. Your heart will show You the Way. Learn to listen. Learn to release criticisms and condemnations. Hear Your voice of Intuition which can only be Love. People perceive based upon where They are in Their Awareness. If You find YourSelf in situations where there is self limiting behaviors, judgements, gossip and the like, it is entirely up to You to continue on in the energy of slower vibrations or to raise Your own and walk in Your Power. Your Power Is In Your Choice. And No One Can Make Your Choice But You. Bless each and EveryOne of Us where We are at on this beautiful Journey…this Gift called Life. I am so very grateful for the ‘eyes that see and the ears that hear’…

May We All and EveryOne of Us remember this day, that it is Our choice to follow Our hearts…Bless♥

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