Happy Holy Days<3

 Kindred, Friends, Tribe, WyldWomyn, and Walkers…Happy Holy Days to You All<3

 I am hoping that this message reaches each of You in the best of health and spirits. What an amazingly beautiful time this is in each of Our lives right now. Perhaps take a moment and breathe that in, and remember the blessings that are upon Us, gently allowing this reminder to resonate in the places deep within, the places that stir Our souls and touch Our spirits. Those places that Our hearts speak from and We so choose to hear. I am sending this message from that place within me and it is speaking to that place within You. Beautiful and Thank You. I would like to share with all of You what We have going on right now and for this upcoming year. We stand at a threshold and crossroads and the choices that We make are what will create what shows up next around the turn. This work is not for the faint of heart.Thank You because You are doing it. It takes courage to walk the talk. Thank You,because You are doing it. It takes power to stand Present when it seems that the structures are crumbling around Us. Thank You because You are doing it. And, I can say, at least in my own experience, it is all worth it. Undoubtedly. And I would not change any of it for anything.

 We are in the time of Katabasis, Holy Days and Soulstice. This time of year can seem quite dark and wintry, and sometimes even scary. Stay Present. When has it not worked out?  Remember the truths that have already been revealed to You and moreso, how they continue to stand strong and true over and over through each experience We may find Ourselves in upon this beautiful journey. Remember, Friends,what seems to be, isn’t. *I love that. What seems to be, isn’t. And it is Our choice, entirely, in how We may choose to perceive any of it. We are this powerful. I Am This Powerful. You Are This Powerful. We Are This Powerful. Katabasis is Our sacred time in Our very own UnderWorlds. An UnderWorld is created by Our very own devices, perceptions and awareness. How We choose to perceive where Our shadow side cohabitates typically with Our ego is up to Us. Our UnderWorld is where Our ‘seeming’ monsters in the dark tend to hide out. Remember, what seems to be, isn’t. Truly, Our UnderWorld is here so that We may learn. And Knowledge is Power. Our greatest truths and lessons are just waiting to share with Us at this time,waiting to help Us expand and grow and learn as We traverse the terrain in understanding OurSelves. It has been said by enlightened Masters, ‘Know Thyself and Thou Shalt Know the Entire Universe’. In my own experience,I am forever finding this to be true. It is in Our own darkness, Our own shadow realms that We are given the power to see Our Light and just how brightly that may shine. Darkness is not the opposite of Light, it is the absence of Light. And We are the Light. What We fear, is only OurSelves. What We know, can only be Ourselves and in that knowing is where the Light shines. How beautiful is that? How powerful is that? You are holy, sacred and All there ever was, is and will be. Stand powerfully in that knowing as that is who You are. Your truth is Love and You are Divine. These holidays are holy days and You are the worshiper, the act of worship itself and what is being worshiped in the act of reverance. Beautiful. This is the time to remember the first grace, the grace of reverance. Realizing the Divinity within and without beginning with Self.

This time of Soulstice is important to each of Us as it is an outward cyclical manifestation of Our own representations of the light emerging from the dark. A look at OurSelves. The Winter Soulstice is all about transformation on so many different levels all coming down to the understanding and application of the knowledge that We truly are Love,Priceless,Fearless and Beautiful. Everything that each of Us is going through at this time is the Universe/Our Higher Selves bringing Us the best lesson to align Us in the state of Our own Self-Realized Divinity. I encourage You to read that last line again. And again. Say it out loud. Remember that You are the Hero of Your very own story. You are the Creator in Your very own Universe. The author of Your own divine comedy. Your thoughts, which are based upon Your beliefs, are making all of this happen in Your world. Look around Yourselves. Tell me what You have not created in this experience. Now that You know, You can change it at anytime. Yes, You are this powerful. During Soulstice, remember that ‘All things that come into being,must first be born’…the being. We are human be-ings for a reason and not human do-ings for another. Be. Be Your Light. Be Your Truth. Be Love. Awakening is not about the attainment of something outside of Self. You are already awakened. It is the choice to apply to Your life that awakened knowledge that allows the release of all that You are not, to allow the truth of what You are, to be. Beautiful. And Perfect. This is the time for realizing knowledge. This is the time for understanding, beginning with OurSelves. This is the time to take those steps that We have often thought of, dreamt of even, and yet, just have not quite committed to the act of acting upon those thoughts and dreams. What do You have to lose? Now, is the time. If not now, when? Now is all that anyone of Us has got. Use it wisely. It is sacred. I have knowledge to share, in the ways that it was passed down to me, and am more than willing to share with those it is shown to me who are ready.
                                                                                       Walk With The Jaguar               Uxmal Yucatan, Mexico October 2014
 I wish to say thank You FireWalkers, for the beautiful experience of understanding Ourselves through the element of the sacred flame that is each of Us. Thank You for allowing me the time and experience to share and learn with You. It was my pleasure, truly. It has been revealed to me that this was the first of a 5 Element Apprenticeship. No previous element is required for the next, but each can definitely build upon the previous. The FireWalk apprenticeship was perfect for the time of the journey to the Yucatan with its heat, solar eclipse, and the purification of Our Spirits this past year. That being said, I am offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Peru and her Pachamama mysticism for 2015, in alignment with an EarthWalk apprenticeship. The FireWalk of this year was about the spark of creation, the ability to dream and desire, to know and understand. The EarthWalk apprenticeship will be all about bringing those dreams and desires into this reality. The journey to Peru will be sometime around September. EarthWalk apprenticeship will begin at the beginning of March and I am currently accepting applications for the openings available. If You are interested, in the EarthWalk apprenticeship of 2015, exploring Peru or both, please contact myself or Izadora for more information. I am very excited for the upcoming opportunities We have to connect, empower and create.
I want You all to remember this: You are Love.You are this powerful. And You can change and create at anytime. It is only Our resistance to Our hearts that stifle the flow. Listen to Your heart, follow its guidance and take action from it (which is courage) and watch the magyc that happens from that point forward. You are this powerful and this is all happening in perfection.We deserve. I am so very grateful for the gift that each of You are. We are this Powerful. HeartLight, EveryBody. Bless<3
Be Love. This is Our Truth. Be Love. Bless<3

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