How To Make Fire….


How To Make Fire….

Fire is a necessity. We need fire to cook, to see in the dark, to destroy, and to create. It cleanses, cauterizes and purifies. Can You make Fire?

1) Hold the desire to do so….whether You are cold, wet and in the jungle, or out in public and some ‘ish is going down and the crowd is getting antsy, know that You have the ability to make fire. It is part of Your magyc that is You. No matter what inspires the necessity, know that You can. ‘But You dont understand, I dont have backcountry wilderness training’. Hear this, ‘Whether You believe You can or believe You can not, either way, You are correct’ (thanks Henry Ford)…

2) Gather tender that is easily ignited. Fire needs food to grow and sustain itself. As do You. I do not throw a match on the water and expect a flame to appear. I find what is complimentary to bring about the fire I wish to create. I find pinecones, twigs, and fertile minds. All which have the ability to help literally, fuel the fire.(Oh, now You see where this is going? heart emoticon ) …

3) Arrange Your bundle…and ready it for ignition. Remember, fire needs oxygen to grow. Do not make Your gathering so tight that it can not breathe. Put the most flammable objects in the middle, then lean Your twigs and tender around the combustibles. Placement will determine how Your fire ignites and burns. Much the same way We gather in Circles and someone stands next to another, or is directed to hold that one’s hand or to sit next to this one….what helps as it helps.

4) Ignition. Whether it is called a match, a spark, karpay/munay, the chi, the Force, HeartLight LoveFire, Youv got it. Already. Take that spark and light it at the bundle of tender that You have gathered and assembled. You only need one spark to put the fire to the flume. Only need one tiny filament of light to ignite and make it even bigger. Keep going. This is how powerful You are, never underestimate Your ability to make fire. Anything is possible and where there is life, there is hope.

5) Give it Your breath. Holy breath is sacred. Breathe deep and blow steady. Notice how the tender catches and burns. Add fuel as desired. Look what You have made…

This is how POWERFUL You are…Bless Us AllOne♥

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