a moment in my head…


a moment in my head…
Last few days of the zodiacal year. Equinox sunrays already peering from around corners. Corners are just lines-formed shapes from perceptions, what other lines in my world are shaped from perceptions..and whose? Cycles, circles, cycles, circles when inspired by awareness turn snakes swallowing tails into spirals within spirals expanding out in Infinite…what to let go of, what to give way, what to bury, what can stay…
Last few strokes treading water in a fish stream…almost to land. Ready to dry my skin, ready to shake off the heavy, ready to trailblaze up mts…been in the dark long enough, ready to stand on majestics, hold mustard seeds in my palm, rebuild Fantasia, get nearer the sun, speak my peace to cease pieces, divisions not real. ‘Reality can be a friend of mine. Be nice to it. And so it is, and so it is and so it is’, She says. I listened. It is done. She laughs at me big giant belly laughs from snowcaps’ avalanches, ‘do baby birds question the food their parents bring them when they cry out how hungry they are?’ Can’t argue with Pachamama. I sigh and give over, she provides sustenance and pretty places for the tears to land. And I can hear the laughter through valleys rippling canyons. And I can hear the wind speak her secrets of where the moon really goes when she has had enough. Sun secrets, star wisdoms, sacrifice burned to appease sleeping giants, Neptune’s daughter awake. Badu said ‘come out with Your scales up’, I say ‘don’t worry coming out, We can already see You. You’re love.’….
Last few lessons to get in before the lamb rises. What’s the chains at my ankles? And why are there no locks? Who put them there? … Whose worrying? Whose perceiving? Whose doubting? Whose believing?… Whose seeing? Whose breathing? Whose doubting? Whose believing?.. Whose praying? Whose breathing? Whose doing? Whose being?… Whose stepping beyond lines? Whose outgrown limitations? Whose living in time? Whose creating their Creation?
This is no longer practice it is steps to Self Mastery.

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