FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (And then some…) – ‘am I the only one making sense?’


FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (And then some…) – ‘am I the only one making sense?’

I threw it last month, Ill throw it again… The Full Moon is coming up on July 1 in the sign of Capricorn. Mmmm…got to love that full moon energy of reflection (when else can We see all of Us if the object of Our reflection is not full and whole?). This moon falls in the Mer-goat sign of boundaries, structure, and ‘Daddy’. *good times, good times.. Because Capricorn is a mer-goat and not a mountain goat/ram (like Aries) it is propelled by a fish tail, which don’t tell a ‘practical’ Capricorn this, but it holds the quality of emotion, which can lead to the beautiful tumblings of those ‘seemingly’ hardened walls We have built. What walls have You built around Your heart and what stories have You written about Yourself, Your past and Others on Your journey so far? There will be two full moons for the month of July this year, and I feel this is really important, especially for the two signs that will be sharing in the full moon power at this time. Capricorn and Aquarius are going to be friends this month in the lunar cyclings of the Full Moon energy. Capricorn, the sign of constraint and time and research of all things fathomable (Every Cap ought to where a shirt that says, ‘Im a Cap, I need to know now/and why/and where You got Your information so I know where to look to confirm the facts’), starts the July month off, into a New moon in Cancer, sign of family, food, and ‘is everyone i care about warm enough/cool enough/have enough/need anything/ok/sleeping well/eating right/happy with their partners?’ *smiling at the Cancer matriarch in my life♥…so, so far, We have July meeting Us with in-Our-face barriers, emotional tides rising and rolling with the Cancer influence and then *cues the sound of the thunder rolling in…..comes Aquarius. phew…Buckle up. Cause its happenin’, whether You think You are ready or not, whether You ‘BE-Lieve’ You can or can not, whether You want to or don’t…it’s happenin’… I hope You got me on that one…*leans in closer..hear me out, Ill say it once more…’It is Happenin’ ‘…regardless of what Your ego wants You to think, fear and doubt. Quote me on that, I said, ‘REGARDLESS’. The month of July is considered by most of Us to be the 7th month in Our calendar, but because of a man named Julius Caesar, July was considered the 5th month called Quintilis. The numbers 5 and 7, numerologicaly, coincide with Creation and the Divine, respectively. The 5 is creation, the power to manifest at will via realization of Your own Infinite power i.e Divinity, which the 7 ushers in as the Truth, the Way and the Light of realization. This month is a HUGE time of quick and sudden and sometimes, literally, burning change. Purification is a big energy for this month as are the breakdowns of those aforementioned walls We have built up about Ourselves, around Ourselves and those aspects in Our lives that We give highest priority to. This is a time for self inquiry, asking Ourselves the questions that We have long-time avoided or done everything that We possibly can to keep swept under, stuffed in (check Your diets and eating habits), or starved out…’What am I really doing here with my world?/ What is it I am unhappy with or wanting to change?/ What are my motivations with this action I am about to take?/ What is inspiring me in this moment?/ What am I afraid of?/ What are the fear stories I have chosen to believe in this far and why?’. We can not change what We are unwilling to look at and this full moon is holding up big mirrors for all of Us to see and witness. Right now, is the most perfect time to be going through whatever it is You are going through, and right now is the most perfect time to begin asking Yourselves these questions, readying Yourselves for the utilization of the energy of the July month and the lunar energies it is gifting for Us. Things do not repeat themselves because You are doing something different, cycles come on when We are continuously making the same choices and repeating same steps…now is the most perfect time to realize for Yourselves the intentions of Your actions, words, and even the thoughts that motivate them based upon the belief systems You carry and concretize within Your very own psyche. Meaning, first You adopt a belief about something, then You think about it, then You speak about it, and then You act upon it which leads to a reflection bouncing back for You to see…now, if You are not all good with the reflections appearing in Your world, then We must change the Source of the reflection (i.e the belief in a particular energy or story that We have chosen to continue breathing life into). All clear? In a nutshell, Capricorn full moon will bring up all Your old ‘ish (and I do mean old- like that musty, moth ball smell kind of old, the kind You don’t want Your houseguests walking in on). Particularly, Father-ish. Some of Us have Fathers who love Us dearly, who have attended every event that We have ever participated in, who sat Us down and taught Us how to change a spare or reminded Us that We were powerful and deserving. Some of Us have Fathers who promised Us many things and delivered nothing (except priceless lessons, thank You!), some of Our Fathers never even got off the boat (graci, Vincente), some of Our Fathers, well, We have no clue who they are, and all of it is ok. Regardless if You grew up with strong positive male role models in Your world or not, it has all happened in perfection. Regardless of the histories of ‘Dad’, they helped to bring Us into this world and for that, whether present or absent, I am grateful for. Regardless if they did it blind or in pure love-light Consciousness, they have brought Us many opportunities to gain many wizened lessons about understanding Ourselves, Our relations and for that I am truly grateful. I said ‘ in a nutshell’ and then I go off on that tangent, bringing Us back full circle now to Capricorn bringing up the fear stories We have allowed ego to sell Us on, and the subsequential decimation of said thoughts of separation, out dated beliefs, and outmoded ideals that are no longer beneficial to Our steps- helped out by the Cancer new moon that will invite in a new energy of unity and tribal thought having everyone ‘literally’ eating together and practicing a little more consideration and compassion for Others. Remember, always, Your first step begins with You…and through these great metamorphic transmutations You will be able to embrace the Aquarian energy at the end of the month, past the looking, past the purifying, and ready for the change. Aquarius is all about that lightning medicine. Quick, powerful, sudden… and always from the touch. Lightning makes ritual use of its energy always by touching something else. Sometimes illuminating clouds as the energy jumps from one to another, other times lighting up a tree in flames as the rain pours down, touching the ocean, the tops of buildings, even people…We are all about to be touched by Lightning Medicine soon, embrace it or don’t, it is still coming…and yes, when it happens, You will be ready. REGARDLESS….Bless Us All One♥

2 thoughts on “FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (And then some…) – ‘am I the only one making sense?’

  1. I am soooooooo ready for change…… funny, I would never have expected to hear myself say that! ❤


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