I would like to just give a friendly reminder to AnyOne who is drawn to read this post as I so felt inclined to write it….
Your Worlds, Your Journeys…these lives that You walk…all of the experiences You have, the people who show up- those who stay, those who travel on, everything that unfolds…is an outward reflection of an interior aspect of YourSelves. The ‘life’ that ‘happens’ for each of Us, is a GINORMOUS reflection of Us. 
You are the Source of the reflection. And whatever is being reflected for You in any given moment is being seen because it is ready to be seen. It is coming up because You are ready to see it and deal with it for the greater good in the greatest vision of Your own Divinity. If You do not like what You are witnessing as reflection, then You can only change the reflection by changing the Source.
****If You go out to a restaurant with Your friend,and You are having a nice lunch and in the midst of it, You excuse Yourself to use the restroom and when You finish, You are standing there washing Your hands afterwards, and You gaze at Your reflection in the bathroom mirror, and You do that quick ‘bare-Your-teeth-and-make-sure-there-is-no-odd-piece-of-food-stuck-in-between-them/lipstick-on-Your-teeth’ facial contortion…and if there is an offending something in/on said teeth…Well, then, surely You do not begin frantically scratching at the mirror in order to get the food/lipstick off…..
You go directly to the Source, because scratching on the mirror won’t change things. Just as attempts at changing the reflections in Our worlds won’t change the Source of what is being reflected. To change the reflections, You change the Source. Done.
I hope this helps. Thank You for reading. Bless

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