Action Conquers Fear


‘Action Conquers Fear’… Good Morning. In this moment, as You read this message, please remember, ‘Action Conquers Fear’. Whatever is in store for You this day, whatever is unfolding in this moment, whatever is going on In Your world… do something. Welcome it, witness the lesson, see the love in it and what Your Higher Self is delivering directly to You for Your greater good… You need not go seeking Your power and lessons- the lessons come directly to You. They arrive in Your lap, they occur all around You. It is only a matter of seeing… And taking action. Action Conquers Fear. You carry a Warrior’s heart (look at what You have been through already and accomplished). That Warrior’s heart is exactly what is needed in order to transmutate division into unity (‘I and the Father are One’). Fighting only creates division, and standing present/ holding intention and space for peace/ ceasing to see what is wrong and looking to witness what is love/ ceasing Your own judgements and reflections/ and remembering that all of this happening and EveryOne involved is God, is what will conquer Your fears. You deserve this and the world needs You. Be well. Sow Fire🔥Bless Us All One❤️

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