For Granny



My Great GrandMother’s name is Lilly Mae. This is for You,Granny.

May this day be magycal for each and every One of You.
May You realize Your own Divinity and allow nothing but love to be the manifestation of Your waking moments.
May You remember what You deserve and may You remember Your compassion for both Self and Others.
May You be kind. May You be courageous. May You be honourable and receptive to receive the bounties You deserve. May You know that You deserve. May You know that even tears are beautiful and highly catalyzing. May You know that You can. May You take that step even if You are scared. May You hear the call and heed it. May You see You in the world and may You see the world in You. May You watch and help things grow- and in turn, may You yourself be helped and grow. May You extend Your hand to Others and allow Others to extend theirs’ to You. May You expand beyond the conditions You carried yesterday. May You move beyond the lessons from yesterday. May You overstand Your strength and that power is power- just depends on how You use it. May You always direct that power through the conduits and channels of the heart, and may You not judge any Other for not doing the same. May You see Yourself this day. May You realize that You are all of it.
May You remember.

Be love. It truly is Your nature as it truly is where We all come from.
Even that guy, yes. And yes, even her😉. All of Us are in it together and each only reflections of Ourselves reflecting Ourselves.🔥

Have a stunningly beautiful day, EveryOne.

And may You sow fire like its nobody’s business🔥. Bless

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