I dare You for this one day to sit back and cease to judge Yourself, anything and anyone else for the entirety of a 24hr period.
Judging is one the big flow-stifflers and will clog up the natural progression of beautiful things happening for Us in Our worlds. ‘Judging/giving Our strongly held opinion about something/calling it as Our egos see it’ serves who and what exactly? Is it love when We bare down with Our egos and attempt to defend Our ‘standpoints’? Does love defend and ever attempt to prove how ‘right’ We are?
If anyone shows up and attempts to share their perception and opinion about any Other or any else, bless them and let them know that You are on a judging sabbatical and will return tomorrow, happy to feed their ego if You so desire.
But for now- no judgements. No perception of anything else or any Other- only hold love, for whatever may be happening. For now, just take a moment for this Djedhi lesson to unfold and teach You, to honour it and learn something new about Yourself…I look forward to hearing what comes from this excercise.
Besides, what have You got to lose? G’wan…
…I Dare You🔥

Bless Us All Upon Our Journeys Remembering Who and What We Truly Are…. Sow Fire🔥

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