Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why me? 


  Thank You for taking a moment to read this<3 May this help shed some light on what has been obscured. It is time.

 ‘ Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why me? Why did that ever have to happen to me/them/Us? What did I ever do to deserve this?’ Ever come face to face with those questions or something similar? How did You feel with the inquiry? And moreso, what answers came?

   The truth?

   The answer to all questions is Love. 

    You came from the Source (formless) and decided to become ‘in form’ (informed). You chose ‘here’ to be and so You began Your meatsuit experience, replete with emotion and 5 sensate ability to perceive, in this ‘seemingly’ dense and hardened reality. You came as Light, from Light, into the Light,already enLIGHTened…and then life became. At some point in each of Our journeys, We accepted a thought perception of separation, and this began to grow- whether it occurred at the perception of the separation from the womb of Our Mothers, or a moment where someone teased/belittled/hurt You and You experienced humiliation, or sadness or violence…Today We call it fear. Somewhere along this beautiful adventure of experience, understanding, overstanding, healing, transmutation and ascension, We decided to believe in something to be afraid of, whether it occurred to Us personally, or We heard a story or or or- the monsters in the dark, the predator at Our bedroom door, the ‘what-ifs’ of life, the fear of ‘whats beyond/what could happen/and it could possibly be’…We stopped witnessing the Truth that We are all of this, and that it is all happening within Us, and began to breathe Our sacred breath into a creation made of separation, fear, and dissonance. The truth is: You are Whole. Holy. And Sacred. Our choices are where Our Power sits and waits for Us to bring it forward. As You choose to breathe into anything- a thought, an ideal, a desire, a feeling, a memory, a step- it miraculously comes to life. We breathe life into Our creations and We can only create from what We are. Again, a gentle reminder- ultimately, what We are, is Love.

   At this time, You have a choice. We all have two options, fear or love. Somewhere,within each of Our lives, in any given moment of now (and there are limitless ‘nows’ constantly unfolding) We have a choice to even make a choice. God, life is amazing. And a gift. Be grateful. Or choose not to. Again, it is Your choice.

   For today, 

   I dare You. Since Saturday is named after the planet Saturn, and Saturn represents all things Father, Action, Structure, Desolation, Alone, Time, Limitation, Boundaries, Borders and ‘No!’- what better day to grow and move beyond via Our choices chosen and honest self inquiry. 

   I dare You for the next 24 hours, to sit in the choice for Love. For the next 24 hours, sit as an observer and say ‘yes’ to the gentle guidance of Your hearts. If something or someone crosses Your path, cease to judge and choose love. Just hold the intention and Your heart will show You the action to take from that intention. Today if You find Yourself in a place of discomfort, pain, and or doubt- seek within Yourselves the choice for love. The heart never turns its back on Us, the heart never stops sending out its transmission- it is only Us that can choose to hear it. And take action. So choose. It may ‘seem’ scary (but what seems to be isnt) at first, but only because perhaps You have never really seen Yourself here. And now You do. By being Love, by choosing Love, You are beginning the great change for all of Us. The change where We no longer walk with Our daemons, devils and monsters. The change where We realize Our own enlightenment, realize Our own worth, and realize Our own truth.

   May the magyc happen for all of Us today. May We stand and rise beyond the mundane ,the familiar and ‘ iv been through this so many times before’. May You Yourselves stand in Your own magnificence and Divinity today. You deserve and this world needs You. Choice.

   This life is not about learning. You already know what You know (We just deny it when We choose in fear) It is a rememberance. Remember means ‘ to sew back together’. From Our moment that We perceive the separation-We become a state of fragmentation and division, no worries because at that point also, We have already begun the steps to remembering Our Wholeness, Holy-ness, Is-ness, Being-ness. Divine.

    God is love. We are love…now finish the equation: We are God. 

    Remember Yourselves this day, remember each Other this day and remember that for all of Your questions, the answer is Love.

    I dare You. 

    Sow Fire. And thank You Patrick for all that You are and help me to remember.  

    Bless Us All One<3

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