Today I am formally announcing…


~ Realize Your ability to make miracles

~ Learn to accept the Truth of who You are

~Remember and witness the power of Your focus and intention

Where FireWalk brought the flame and EarthWalk brought the proof, WaterWalk will go deeper and venture further into the primordial waters of the powers of wisdom and will. The lessons that Patrick passed to me in my own personal apprenticeships with him will be shared with You along with the words, rituals and exercises via group and one on one phone conferences.

Beginning in March and lasting for 3 months, I will be choosing participants in mid-January. There will be preparation necessary for this work in the time leading to the start date.

Please understand, this apprenticeship is SoulWork and know that You will not be the same as when You began…

We believe in order to see.

We do because We are.

And it is, because We made it so.

*Are You ready to create serious movement and manifestation in Your life? Are You ready to make miracles?

*Are You ready to tap into the greater version of You and live it?

*Are You ready to be ready? You will know the answer if these words here resonate for You.


Please contact me to apply, question or share. Space is limited. Thank You.

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