Super NewMoon in the Sign of the Fish…

 Super NewMoon in the Sign of the Fish…*deep breath
Solar ‘Clipse in Our night…*go deeper
What does any of this have to do with You?
Absolutely EveryThing.
Pisces is the last sign of the cycle…end cycles bring full circle lessons embracing Us with ‘ah-ha’ moments and ‘I cant believe Iv never seen it like that befores’…

Final days of Katabasis…HUGE push to ‘get it’. “Get what? There’s NOT enough time/courage/strength/faith/me! What if they do an I dont?” Be gentle. Tread softly. You were made for this. You have already been to the bottom of the bottom. You have already witnessed the boogeymen of Your own conditionings, the monsters laying in wait. You already know that the darkness is not the opposite of the Light, only its absence. And You already know, that it is when ‘all hope seems lost’ and We become so tired in Our seeking, that We are forced to stay a moment and close Our eyes…that that is when the heart shines brightest, the Divine fires light aflame, and what seemed to be, wasn’t…

THIS IS YOUR DREAM. Go lucid. When You cease to struggle, You can find Your breath, when You can find Your breath, You can find Your bearings, when You can find Your bearings, You can then hear Your heart, when You can hear Your heart- it says,’ be. love ‘, You can then remember that You were never quite so tangled, ensnared, trapped, or lost as You once believed Yourself to be. Or as much as they once told You.
Harmonize the New Moon discoverings with the Black (W)Hole power of the Sun darkened during the night in shadow. 

Greater than it ever was. Greater than You have ever been. Greater than You can Imagine to be. Shine bright at Your fires.

You are Holy.

You are Aware.

You are Love.

You are Breath.

You are Action.

You are Dreaming This All Into Being.
With this knowing….

Light kiss rendered softly upon the exit of Your fears. Taste, familiar. Be well, Lover, may You remember that You are brave enough to heed the call when it so loudly beckons You away from the conditions of the world You have built as Your hardened structure, Your truth. It can no longer dissuade and tempt no matter how sweet the scent. You may see Your Light when You sit in these darkened moments, seemingly tense, distressed, and afraid. Alone. Lonely. “Where is EveryBody? Iv been left behind”…

It is but a moment. 

This New Moon Time Solar Eclipse moment of pause, for a breath, inhalation, inspiration, expiration…cyclical dream spirals, do not fear Yourself. 

Sow Fire Tonight and Always, Everlasting. Bless.

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