We Remain

Demori- I Remain.

Battle scars and battle cries. Sharp blades and pierced flesh. Angry eyes and hatred wreak violence upon the peaceful.

Cathars forced upon knee, singing their faith of love to the promise of persecution,slow torment and the eventual journey into the Afterlife..

Demori- I Remain.

Challenging pregnancy, sexual abuse, and who is my Father?

Harsh words and name calling,

all contribute to stories of a life written by a pained hand and eyes that can only see ‘not good enough’.

Demori- I Remain.

Cathars burned at the stake. Holy vessels taken and tortured, all in the name of God. ‘Bless them and forgive, for they know not what they do’- words spill as tears fall and still again, death still holds its invitation. Amidst the prayers, the song, and the music of the sounds of agony. Sweet somnambula. 

Demori- I Remain.

Growing pains, what remains, conditions, chains and bindings.

The drugs help me feel. I won’t need You in the morning if You can just muster an unfelt ‘I love you’ in this moment. Fast money, night owl-lifestyle keeping company with the vampyres and other unnamed energy feeders. Why do I feel so drained? And,’ how long has it been since iv seen the sunshine?’ What happened to the Sun?

Demori- I Remain.

Cathars absolved inside that holy flame, holy smoke death initiations. Cathars saw the sun inside their hearts as they left the shallow shell behind. As they outgrew the confinement of body, perceptions of pain, and impossibles. Freedom.

Demori- I Remain.

Alchemical processes in each step, thought and breath.

I burn blue fire from green flora and inspiration helps me to recall. Blue is healing, green is growth, I have come to realize.

Thank You for these lives, thank You for this walk, and thank You Cathars, I remember.

Demoraii- We Remain.
Sow Your Fires. 

Thank You.


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