….Headspace and HeartLight, let the Sun stop and gaze on You for a moment. That Sun is Your own reflection, cause You got it like that…when Your own shine’s allowed- You affect crops, oceans, and celestial bodies, that’s sustenance, emotion, and the heavens themselves. Paradise or purgatory in an instant. Burn it all. Rejuvenance. Shine as You like as Light as You like, Soul can’t die- so what were You saying You were afraid of?  How powerful You are, and how beautiful this is. Live.

Nothing to confine but Your own beLIEf in fear, none which is true. Vanquish the stories of dissonance and how long have You been eating from the complacency plates at the dinner table because all of Your friends are doing it? Perceptions will bind or liberate, the choice is Yours…closer. With what is truly Yours, what can be truly lost? How long have We been afraid to ‘lose’ and made excuses for the denial of Our Divine? How many times have We promised Ourselves that We will hear Our hearts the next time We find Ourselves, here? And the next time We found Ourselves here, We stopped hearing and ran to the nearest familiar comfort because that is what We have always done…That Sun that emanates from Your heart, says, ‘No More. You have outgrown the condition that catalyzed You to outgrow the condition that catalyzed You to outgrow the condition that catalyzed You’..We cannot run from OurSelves and with all this Heart, why would We want to? Hear me, ‘You are beautiful and You are making this happen…keep going, keep seeing, and no You’re not crazy. There is work to do’.

Listen closely, but don’t listen too hard or those whispers in the silence carrying Soul’s secret stirrings, may go unheard. You deserve to be heard. We deserve to be heard. So hear it. Draw Star cards from Tarot decks and let Love grow, Lovers connect…Love can only say ‘YES’, do You know Your way to ‘The Way’? Paths illuminate when Your step is Light. Stand easy, even when the ground shifts, bend Your knees and sway hips made for creating, alchemy is asking You to dance…

Full Blue Moon….

….The Centaur says , ‘can’t stop me. Im half-horse, have You seen these legs? Not once but twice I will grace You and allow the opportunity of what was once thought to be missed, a chance. I breathe life into what’s been considered to be gone. I resurrect, I emancipate, I see and I serve. Didn’t You listen? I said, You can’t stop me.’  We see Divine to free Our minds, We all already are, it’s only a matter to accept. What’s that? You can’t bring Yourself to know such a thing? How is that, when You have already convinced Yourself at some point along the traveling that You shouldn’t, couldn’t, or weren’t enough- that is why You are here in this space now.  There is great power in numbers-the more the merrier. Practice Your elk medicine and drum with those of Kindred connection. Celebrate in the knowing that what You desire is waiting for You to call it from Your Being right now in this very moment. Priceless.

This is the time for revelation and realization.


…..Talking bout a revolution.

Burning, Yes, Further, and Bless🔥….

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