Aquarian FullMoonTime Survival Guide

What happens when the Sign of Aquarius- that being the sign of serious turning points, crossroads and lightning change falls under Full Moon influentials of amplification and magnification?
A whole lot of _____ (feel free to fill this space in with whatever adjectives and phrases You care to use at this time. Might I offer: ‘ What is happening?!?’ ‘What JUST Happened?!?’ And a personal favorite: ‘Johnny,WTF!?!’____…whatever You just filled into that space, please also feel free to add as many !!!!!!!!!!!’s as You like to convey the shifting that is happening at this time.
It’s Shift.
A Big One.

Just relax. I know, I hear You- ‘ Tia! Relax!?!?!!! THIS THAT IS HAPPENING!?!? I can’t relax!!!’ …
Look, this shift is happening for a reason, and here We are experiencing, so, however You want to handle it, I’m good with it.
Here’s where I’m at.
We’re in it. Now, what do We want to do with it- We can panic or We can chill. In my own personal experience, I find it’s way more efficient to be cool. Just sayin’.
Still, it’s Our choice to choose. And We have right now, so what do You decide?
You know You are worth this change that is happening, right?
It can only get better from here.šŸ™šŸ”„

During this time of Re-Aligning (yes, that’s what it is), here are a few gentle encouragements and suggestions for not only surviving through this Full Moon, but also THRIVING in it…
Remember, You are here for a reason. Right here. Right now. And it’s Your choice that will influence what shows up next along the path…
Choose fear, and fear will greet You around the turn.
Choose love, and love will be reflected.

~Stay Cool. In most all survival situations, You are reminded of this in the rules. Panicking does nothing but to bring more panic. The more You panic, the ‘seemingly’ worse it gets, right? Science has proven that to panic, also diminishes oxygenation to the brain, cutting down on Our ability to think, reason, and act. In other words: Panic, like fluoride and worry, dumb Us down. What does that serve?

~Remember to take no One personal. So, the MOST emotionally challenged sign in the zodiac is under the planetary position of the MOST emotionally charged planet in Our solar system (‘planet’ used in context, as the moon is considered a governing celestial body in astrology)- people are explosive right now. Reactions are occurring and it’s okay. Things can get a little hairy, and also Our perceptions create Our realities. It’s like We are aliens in human bodies, just arrived to this planet, and the Mothership did not brief Us properly about the experience of emotions. This is only going to feel like this for a few days, and soon Pisces will be on the scene and We will flow a bit more evenly…

~Hear Heart. Aquarius is about change on global scales. Aquarius is about Tribe. Family. If You are following Your heart, then the outcome can only be good for the group. Following hearts, inspires Others to follow theirs- when enough hearts are being heard, beautiful things happen. Let ’em.

Be Well.
Sow Fire.
Be Blessed.

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