Happy Full Moon in Pisces/Lunar Eclipse….
Fish tails can send Us in all directions amidst stormy confusions and second guessing Our own intuition/lighthouse in the dark because We are perceiving that ‘overwhelming’ feeling as in ‘this ALL feels so overwhelming’ *gasp gasp…

Relax, Fishies…

You have gills for a reason.

You really can breathe under emotional waters…and You really will make it out of this in a good way…

️️Full Moon Eclipse, intensifies all (no, for real- ALL) emotions- from perception to reaction. Be aware of Other’s reactions at this time, take NO ONE personal, including You. It’s an intense one. Be grateful. You are feeling because You are alive. And life is a gift. Breathe on that.
Ponder this visage (warning- You are now journeying into my head),  imagine if men began menstrual cycles right along with women, and all of a sudden the entire world began their lunar cleansing on the exact same time and day- what’s that look like?

Now, look at all that has been happening around You and the energies of the last 2 weeks…


Tell me where I’m wrong.

Remember above, when I encouraged You to breathe? Here’s that friendly reminder again…


You’re here.

It’s good to be here.

Now… Let’s get to know Chiron who is also fish tailing in this moment and allowing Us to remember Ourselves, even the parts seemingly scary.
The wounded healer is not so wounded for me in my perceptions.

Chiron, is actually the perfect embodiment for all of Us at this time…he is with his pain, and for here, it feels as if it is the pain of the entire world. 

What We are witnessing in this fateful dance of the Moon and the Centaur is a time for all of Us to truly witness Ourselves in all that We have been, are and will be. The obscured big secret locked away with a skeleton key that hangs around the monster’s neck is still an aspect of You… As are, all the other stories We have written about Our traumas and atrocities and life’s biggest tests…. As are, ALL of Our stories…aspects of Us. Reflections of memories of who We have been, what We have done, what has been done to Us, where We stand, and realizing that what We realize, We become…remember love.

To pull back scar tissue can be painful in moments- but once it is done, You may then clean the underlying infection that has been seething for quite some time. And after that, with a bit of care, You will no longer experience the chronic pain once endured…

You are not made to suffer.

We are not made to live in pain, though many, upon a daily, endure much excrutiation.

Wouldn’t You rather clean out what festers for a moment , than live in the suffering? Is suffering truly living?
Do You remember that You are worth it to enjoy life? Live from love? Hear Your heart?

Let the emotionally charged energies at this time, which also are the harbinger for cleansing, purification and renewal wash over Your psyche, Your body, and the etheric realms that connect You to the entire Universe- truly Ourselves. This time is giving Us the opportunity to rinse all the residual debris of Our fears manifest, the crackly old masks We once wore, and the BS actions and excuses that only Our Best Friends have the courage to call Us on.. *Thanks, BestFriend…

It’s time.

Love fearless. 

And enjoy knowing that You are a child of the Universe and only good can come from what is unfolding…
Take a long hot bath infused with Your favorite crystals as the tub is filling…

Sit back and remember all the good that has come from every choice You have ever taken – remember each of those steps, brought You to here/hear….
And breathe…

You have gills for a reason, Fishies…

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne…


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