Full Moon In Aries…

*deep breath…Inspired receptions…
Big power to be felt in a Ram moon.



Stick and moves and parry ripostes feel necessary when We perceive battle- what You battle You become, Nietzsche called it.

Watch out for excuses- ‘to free from blame’. Not a blame thing, it is Your lesson.


More than one all leading to One.


Aries was a hotheaded son of Zeus- and also, even he had to get the ice water thrown on his head on more than one occasion, no matter his feelings of entitlement.

Lessons- catch ’em so You can grow. Apply them to expand. Golden equation for golden opportunity. Share space with those who support Your happiness and heart followings.

Be vulnerable.

Allow hands to help You, that are not connected to Your wrists.

Trust Your heart, then…

Your heart will tell You who can be trusted…

Jason did not discover the Golden Fleece until he allowed help from his Argonauts, and opened his heart to Medea, who loved him, even though she his enemy’s daughter.
Reversions come on easy, when We talk Ourselves into fear and when We try to turn Our heads from the mirror in attempts to deny Our reflections. Our reflections are everywhere, even when We close Our eyes/shut tight.

There is no try. You either do or don’t. Watch that ego- she’ll talk to You from inspired fears whilst speaking love words – actions reveal the honesty in the typing. Actions reveal the honesty in the sentiment. Actions reveal the honesty of how much courage a One chooses to take in their steps…

How have Your steps in courageous been?

That being said…

With a turn of the page , blue smoke exhale and a smile on my face…
This is a full moon for new steps, new turns, and choices to sit closer to the fire. Honour.

Be honourable to Your hearts.

Sacrificial fires can be allowance of what is unfolding- what do You create? 

Agni and Hestia hold space for all to grow- this is why 8 of the 10 in the Vedas begin by praising his name alone…and why she is honoured by the first fire lit inside the hearth of the home. Who do You invite into sacred temples and holy spaces?

Your light is priceless, share it with like worth…
Thoughts, concepts and ideas are the ignition of Divine spark- the fire within You. Ignite.

You= Divine.

It’s true.


One spark to create a flame.

Just one is needed.



Could be.


Not the One?

Again. Choice.

Fires grow.


Burn tears, burn troubles, burn untruth conditionings that have held You down too long. 

Make Your decisions then take action. 

From the heart, in the heart, of the heart.

It’s time, now.

Now is all You’ve got.

That’s true, as well.
Another truth?…

The two-step Nataraja is the holy dance of the Shiva within Us all, involving both feet- intention and action- 

Two feet (left/right) two steps (intention /action)- 

A One says, ‘ but there is no sound, no rhythm, I don’t know where to step or how ‘….

An Other replies, ‘shhh, easy Friend, the music is heard when You take the first step. You create the movement, sound comes from that, the sound then reflects and is heard by You. The song does not lead You, You lead the song’…
Choose Love.

Aries Doesn’t Run.

Aries Jumps Into The Flame.


Happy Full Moon, EveryOne.

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