New Moon in Scorpio 

New Moon in Scorpio…

Cold shivers?

Something moving in the shadows?

Big and scaries creeping around the deepest crevasses of the corners of Our minds?

Only if You allow and make it so.

You have a choice this New Moon today- fear Your monsters or face them.

We create from where We are (here) and We create from the perceptions We choose. We can only make from what We are. And or believe Ourselves to be.

Ultimately, that’s love. 

Even Our big and scaries.

When this is unknown, it is like being given a magyc wand with no formal training in how it is used. You point and who knows what is going to begin flying around or manifest from other dimensions.
When it IS known, then it is realized You have the key to the kingdom, and You can make a thing amazingly beautiful and miraculous via intention and will. Do You know what You are? Where You come from? What is?


This New Moon in Scorpio offers Us that magyc wand and the ability to learn to use it via heart interactions. Back-from-the-dead, Lazarus-like miracle receptions to those open to receiving, what was long thought lost- opportunities for resurgence. 

It grants Us the power of hope and the ability to demonstrate said power in the names of Holy, Divine, and Sacred.

To You, these days, what is Holy, Divine and Sacred?

From this, You will create…so it’s good to inquire, so You know what You are or have been working with. Scorpio New Moon will grant Us the opportunities to look in the mirror (Our waking life) and see what We have held in sacred spaces.

Who are You when no One is watching?

What actions do You take when You feel You won’t be seen? How do You choose to treat Others when there is no Other to observe? 

Scorpio New Moon lifts the veils and toils through the bullshit in order to ‘get real’ with Ourselves. To show Us where We have been, where We are currently and to shine a Light on where We are going-and growing.



Scorpio is the sign of life and death. And……………


New Moons are harbingers for new turns, new opportunities, new chances choices and steps…Change. Scorpio thrives in change and growth. The time is now and You are here. 

Be Here Now.

Let Us take a look at Ourselves this day and see the decisions We have made and are making. Our direction. Our aim.

With whatever We are currently involving Ourselves in, with Whoever, and in what capacity- does it serve love? Does it serve the highest visions of Ourselves? Versions?

If the answer, from Our Heart, is ‘yes’ then keep going. If it is ‘no’, then take a moment to hear the guidance of what said Heart is encouraging…

You are walking, this New Moon, with the power of life, death and rebirth- do with it what You will. I encourage You to lead it with love.

And as for that magyc wand of Yours- like Dumbo’s magyc red feather- You never needed it to begin with- it was only a tool to bring You to the space of believing in Yourself…

I Believe In You.
Sow Fire.
Be Well.

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