The Greatest Awakening From Our Deepest Dreams…


Seer’s seeing witness Siren’s singing,

And all the Great Lies We’ve ever sold Ourselves.

Told Ourselves, Grow Ourselves…

Souls selling sing-along blue light specials- how do You appreciate it when You are given it for free?

Half off, no- 80% with the red tag/ look for that red sticker, if only You dove into the value of Your self worth with self inquiry as aggressively as You did for the discounts- red sticker, red pill, red feather- You don’t need it to fly…

You already can.
A Full Moon for Hathor— love, live, levitate. 5 sensate realities beckon pleasure pursuits- to cycle is Your choice, it feels good? Where? Yes, I asked where. Intention? Heart tells You when it resonates. Heart tells You when it feels right. 

Taurus, worships Venus, reverence and faith- where do You place Your faith?
None of Us are faithless.

No One is faithless.

Not One of Us is faithless.
Faith is what brings about the ‘bring abouts’- what do You bring about in Your world?

Where is Your faith?

Where do You place Your faith?

Spirit? Love? Church? 

Is it a structure? Built upon? Is it under Your feet? Is it in the embrace of the trees? You come from the earth- made of salt and water and star stuffs that bring planets and galaxies into existence- You are made to be worshipped within to worship without- Om, Atman, Laiqa, Illumined…Let the moon show what is illusory and let the moon show what is Truth…

Full Moon revelations will tell where You have been, where You are, and light the path of where You go. 

Let old conditions burn in the night of the Sun’s Day, and reBirth in the Truth of the Heart on Moon’s Day…awake.

Deep sleep no more- There is work to do and dreams to manifest.

Wake Up.

Allow Others the room to grow.

Allow Your own light to shine.

Allow Your step to be fearless.

Allow Love.

You Are…
Happy FULL SuperMoon…
Sow Fire🔥

Be Blessed.

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