Artemis runs deep into burrowed woods, but it is no longer for the thrill of the chase. The Wild within her has far outgrown the surface thrills, the insatiable ‘mores’…always heart longs for depth not number. What have You outgrown?

She runs for sustenance, to nourish and nurture.
To feed her Soul, not her fixations. To feed her Spirit, not distractions.

She can no longer seek, because what was sought is seen. It is only a matter of accepting. Whether the journey took one step or a thousand miles- We are still right here. How long will You run in circles until You have enough, grab an end and begin to move upwards in a spiral?
She can no longer pretend that what she knows, she doesn’t, because once a One has seen, a One can not unsee…She must overstand that to look up is to look in, to look down is to look through and in the lands before Awareness, most nothing is as it seems.

This New Moon is a Moon for the dispelling of illusion, the burning of foundations, the visions for Greater and the ability to manifest at will…
Like Artemis, We all are accompanied by hounds on this journey, which symbolize loyalty, foremost to Ourselves. Without intention and will, Our first step is never taken. Trust that Your arrow will follow Your aim.
Like Artemis, We all carry a bow and full quiver at this time, allowing Us to draw back, and release- cease to overthink and analyze, feel more and pay attention to intuition, honestly listening rather than ‘trying to hear’.
Like Artemis, sometimes We must turn into Bears in order to face Our biggest fears and challenges. That is ok. Our feelings are real, and We can not run from them or Ourselves. The sooner We face what We must, We make a realization…
We don’t get to grow if We don’t test Ourselves.
We don’t get to see what We are made of if We don’t allow Ourselves to fall.
We don’t get to see what’s over the edge if We don’t push beyond the fringe.
This New Moon is made for action, it is made for realization, and it is made for You to remember- You are made of the Divine flame, it burns there within You.
You are made to allow Your old conditions and programs to burn away in the Light of the Truth.
Remember Love.
To Love.
You Love.
Deserve To Love.
Deserve To Be Loved.

Speak Your Desires Under A New Moon Sky and Stay Receptive and Grateful and Humble…
Then, Watch The Magyc…

Sow Fire, Be Blessed🔥
Thank You.

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