img_7555And So It Begins…

Happy SoulStice EveryOne…

Winter is upon Us.

The ascent of Katabasis is beginning this day, in this moment. We have been in Our own perceived Underworlds since the Autumn Equinox. Going down into Katabasis is about seeing Ourselves, coming out of Katabasis is about applying the lessons We have learned from that time looking at Ourselves.


And now,
We begin to climb out of the caves
We have descended several months previous.

It is time.

The awakening. Yours. 

Open Your eyes. You have been here all along.

All You have is NOW. What do You wish to do with this moment?

All that surrounds You in this life, is a culmination of Your thoughts, Your words and Your actions. You are creating in each moment.
Even now. 

All that has happened has been necessary to bring You to this place. Each step, each choice, each decision has occurred to bring You to love. Closer to love. The realization of love- within Yourselves,
within Your world.
Your life changes when You do.

 This Is Beautiful.

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