This New Year Is Happening…As Are New Opportunities To Learn, Expand and Remember…
To be a Walker, is to step upon Our journey in the knowledge and awareness that We create from wherever We are, no matter what the terrain may look like.

To be a Walker, is to remember that from Our presence, We may alchemize any situation to serve love, to be love.

This is where miracles come from.
From utilizing the creative potentials of the FireWalk, to the manifestations of the EarthWalk, the emotional explorations of WaterWalk- We grow. This readies Us for a new element to walk in. To see, witness and create from.
The next Walker apprenticeship is its own medicine. 

SkyWalking is about:
~learning to rise above earthbound conditioning by freeing Ourselves from Our own self imposed bindings.

~The ability to flow and create in quick and sudden change by developing Our abilities to stand in the thick of it and alchemize the outside by working from within via facing fears and the transmutation of lost causes and impossibilities.

~ Lightning medicine and miracle making created by the power of intention, words, and methods of energy work used by the medicine clan of the Laiqa of Peru.
These group apprenticeships are for those who are ready to level up in their training. 

This is not for the faint of heart. 

Bi-weekly one on one calls, group calls and group classes.

Excercises for both body and mind.

Rituál and connection.
SkyWalk is for those who wish to go further, deeper and within. Those who are called in their hearts to be a part of this. 

This is the knowledge and magyc that my Teacher, Patrick Collard, taught, shared and inspired in me- being passed along to You in layers and levels. It is serious work and greatly rewarding. 
It Is Work. 


You Deserve And Yes, You Are Worth It To Walk In Your Power.

To begin,

I ask that You message me and let me know why You feel drawn to partake. What is Your reason for showing up here? I will hold vision and conversation for each Querant/Potential Initiate and choose all parties by January 23rd.
It will be an honour to work in this space with those who show up and are chosen. 

Thank You.

If there are questions, please feel free to contact Izadora or Myself- here for it and happy to answer. 
Siembra Fuego🔥

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