Time For Change~Aquarius New Moon


‘All My Life I’ve Stepped To The Rhythm Of The Drumbeats In My Head’….

The power of this New Moon in Aquarius cycle revolves, expands, and catalyzes…

There are some New Moons that like to ‘play it safe’ and prefer to ‘do as They’re told like good little moons’- those moons can continue existing in their established and familiar complacencies.

That most certainly is NOT for the New Moon in Aquarius.

This moon doesn’t just beckon for growth in Your world, this moon starts a ‘Change My Life Revolution’- replete with border walls crumbling to piles of rubble and a few alien visitors showing up from the Mothership to partake in Your UniVerseSoul celebration.

This is the Moon for breaking out of old limiting thought patterns,  dropping the armour because You have realized life is You and Your power requires no protection from Yourself.

Congratulations on the Lightning Medicine and Quickening this moon has gifted to each of Us- We have all leveled up, exponentially in giant steps and are now outgrowing the illusion of ‘can’t, should and not enough’. Things are beginning to vibrate faster, and it is all because We are ready for it at this time. Each of Your steps from every moment of Your past has brought You to here. Good job- now keep growing.

This is Your year and right now is Your time to take action.

Hear Your own inner guidance and witness Your own testimony to power. You are unique and whole. You are the love You seek, and the holy that You pray to understand.

What was, is now changing, what is is right now, what will be is up to You…

And that is Powerful.

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