Riddle me this, please…

Riddle me this, please…
An interesting energy that I have noticed, is of the blame game.

Sometimes We blame Our pasts for Our current choices We make in life, We blame Our current situations on Our past perceptions.
Sometimes We blame Others for how We so choose to think, feel, be and act. I have noticed that in fear states, people like to point and judge- have You ever? Do You currently?
If so, Why and Who?

Today, I hold the intention that We all hold Our own selves accountable for Our choices in thought, belief, action, and feeling.
You are Infinitely Powerful. Each of Us.

Life is too short to play blame games and deny the Divine within You that makes the choices You decide.
That is what happens when You blame Others- You deny the power of Your own Divinity in choices made.
You are too powerful to deny Your own power.

Sow Fire🔥
And Be Blessed As You Are Already A Blessing

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