Happy New Moon In Pisces Solar ‘Clipsin’….

Fish moons hang world eggs formed from the ethers of sacrifice and sacred.

Get born.
Ocean stars’ lights shining-
star lights and light stars, both illuminate interplanetary trajectories and paths flamed across the sky that only the asteroids know the beginning of…
Do You know Your journey from the Milky Way?
Then listen.
Your HeartLight will tell it.

Live life on K Spectrums rather than run circles in drake equation arguments- Ms Badu says come out with Your scales up-
Healer! You have already made perfect, perfect is happening- conditioned no more, no thing to heal-
Fish moons’ fish scales got that shimmer right under the glow of illumination.

Dive deep.
Suns swallow shadow and Brother Bob says lighten up the dark…
There’s a Natural Mystic…
And with a pigeon patois encouraged to Stir It Up- stir becomes steer- as We captain Our own vessels.
The storm is over.
What has been, was.
What can be, is.
Light on the horizon and that horizon is Infinite.

Possibles to Infinity in the remembering of Your Divine.
Let the Sun shine Soul shine Heart shine burn bright…

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