Today Is Your Day🌱
You are made to take root, grow, push through and expand. Ready for it, here for it.
No One can take that from You as the power itself is in Your choices decided upon.
We all deserve abundant fruition. We all deserve prosperous lives fulfilled in the steps We choose to take, based upon Our own self worth. We all deserve to choose Happy.
You Are All Priceless. And Deserving.
No thing is against Us, only here to catalyze Our transformations and expansions. See the challenges in Your lives as confirmations of Your growth, nothing less.
The Universe conspires (literally, ‘to breathe together’) Our inspirations.
Focus follows faith. And faith manifests Our realities.
Action conquers fear, and connects Us to the Divine within.
Be Courageous (to take action from the heart)
Be Love (the truth of what We are)
Be You (absolute Divine, manifested and experiencing ItSelf)
And Be Blessed As You Are Each Blessings In This World
Siembra Fuego
Happy Equinox-
Today, Your new growth begins…

***What do You choose to plant in the fertile soils of Your world?