Happy Gemini New Moon


IMG_0349Gemini New Moon and The Tale of The Highwayman…

‘The Highwayman stands outside the tipi under a darkened sky and lights a ciggarette rolled with tobacco from the BeautyWay- he’s Native,

but not Diné-and also, when in Rome…’

~Gemini lunar energy is adaptable and allows Us the opportunity to witness other traditions, beliefs and viewpoints that We may not of been previously open to the experience of before. It takes courage to be willing…

Be Fearless In Your Discovery.

‘The clouds roll in over the high desert view and the People begin to arrive. Coyote howls as Thunder speaks to the land and Highwayman stokes the fire that heats the rocks, he draws deep on his BeautyWay smoke and gives a half smile upon his exhale as he passes the lit smudge bundles in welcome to those who are gathering around the entrance, eventually coming to sit within the sacred space.

“Think holy thoughts”, he tells the People…’

~ The power of the Gemini involves social interactions where sacred knowledge is shared, and the effects of the Scorpio lunation 2 weeks previous can be observed, inquired and held in the hands for study. New moons signify new growth- We do not walk Our future wisely without utilizing the lessons of Our past.

Be Fearless In Your Discovery.

‘As the rocks are carried from Fire to inside the tipi, and WaterBoy sounds his drum, and the People sitting in circle hold Their feathers and await Hikuri’s visit for the second round, HighwayMan tells it,

“The medicine only takes care of the symptom. Sickness is division.

Speak holy words to be whole”‘…

~ Communication is a key strength for using the Geminian influence of this new moon. We drive out Our fears not by being afraid, but by moving through the feelings of being afraid, beyond.

Words are sacred and create, purify Yours.

Purify Your thoughts and Your bodies. You are sacred.

Speak what is desired. Call the energies for manifestation

to You, from You, within You. Anything is possible, so long as intention allows and stays open for reception.

Be Fearless In Your Discovery.

‘The Fire outside begins to cool down in the rain, it’s work already completed. Beyond the closed flaps of tipi, the timing of WaterBoy, the steam from the rocks, the songs from lungs cleared,

the cry of a healing-Life, the death of a sickness-Done,

the rebirth of One-You, the BeautyWay is a BlessingWay to be realized.

And as the Lightning travels past eyes and time’s perspective, she greets the smoke, kisses the ground of her Mother and carries love prayers on sky bridges to the Great Spirits and ThunderBeings-

And We Are Fearless In Our Discovery.’

Hoz’ho Bah’nina, Hoz’ho Na’hascleet, Ahe’he –

May All Walk In Beauty, May All Walk In Harmony,

Thank You

Blessed New Moon To Each Of You…

IMG_0309-Rituál for New SuperMoon-

You will need~

~1 – piece of string/yarn 1ft in length

~1 lighter

~a few seeds of a fast growing plant/vegetable

~ shovel to dig up a bit of soil

~ cup or holder to place soil in

*It is encouraged that You partake in this ritual next to moving water.

~ start with some deep breaths and feel Your body relax, whilst You sit on the ground with the string…

~ have a look at the last two weeks of Your life. The energy of it. What’s happened. Where did You lose Your presence? Where did You take an action outside of love? Each time that is remembered, tie a knot in the string.

Now move Your thoughts to the past month- was there an instance where You said something out of alignment to an Other? Was there an experience that transpired that You reacted on? Tie another knot. Make sure You are not judging the amount of knots tied.

~ ponder these moments and know that with each knot, You are tying up the energy of those experiences so that they do not repeat in Your world.

~ remember that You are love and allow what has happened, to rest.

~ use Your shovel to gather some soil and take some of the water from the river/lake and dampen the soil with it.

~ Now, take Your knotted string, say a prayer and burn the string over the water.

~ send the ashes off, and remember that what is burned is done and over with.

~ take a deep breath or three…give thanks.

~ speak a prayer or words of intention for the greatest vision of Yourself.

~ plant Your seeds in the soil collected and allow Your new intentions to grow.

~stay receptive and nurture what is new and serving love in Your world…

Happy New Moon…


Essential Oils for the New Moon

Sunset chaser

Our sense of smell is considered to be the strongest of Our 5 abilities for perception of the physical world.

Try these oils out for feeling good and to create opportunities for immediate upliftments in Your world.

Use them in Your bath, a diffuser, or just a few drops on a tissue and inhale.


For more information or to place an order please contact Robin Shugart
https://bit.ly//EssentiallyRobin   469-569-1723


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