Sagittarius Full Moon

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Could there be a greater moment of experience in a night’s illumination upon the Great Hunt, when every muscle that tightens in the arm, shoulder and back are drawing the bow and can feel their own strength in the pressure as arrow is raised and the moment of release is at hand?

Temperance and tension.

Concentrate, centered and witnessed- breath following its own rhythm as attempts for containment and control are of no avail.

This ‘Now’ is all We have. Take aim.

This ‘Now’ is all We have. Inhale.

This ‘Now’ is all We have. Believe in Your own abilities for strength, focus, and fortitude.

Your bounty is based upon Your courage demonstrated.

The arrow contacts the intention. Trust Your heart to receive Your quarry.

Give thanks.

Eat well.

Feed Your family.

Be brave, Warrior.

Tears are powerful, let them fall.

Be brave, Warrior.

You are made for this. From this. For this.

Be brave, Warrior.

Allow dissent to dissipate and all to walk in harmony.

See Yourself.

Take a breath.

Trust Your heart.

Take aim.

Now release.


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To honour the sacred of this Full Moon in Sagittarius, which begins by honouring Self, here is an idea:

~ Invite Your closest to come and celebrate with You- a rich meal of intention, whole foods, meat (as You like) and fire.

~ Ask each guest to bring a Friend (like attracts like), as Sag is ruled by Jupiter, planet of ‘the more the merrier mentality’.

~ Just before dinner is served, whilst all are gathered around the eating space, have each person light their own candle and write down the thing they are leaving behind that is no longer in service to their world and pass around a fireproof bowl allowing each person to burn their writing with their candle.

~ Next, have each person write on the back of their dominant hand, a word symbolic of what they choose to bring onto their path. Give thanks. That way, as each person partakes in the accompanying meal which nourishes, they are literally feeding themselves the energy of what they wish to sustain themselves with.


And remember the blessings of good food and friendship and the connection of all in the One.

Be blessed because You are each blessings.

Thank You.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOne

Sag Full Moon Oils Tracy

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Try these oils out for feeling good and to create opportunities for immediate upliftments in Your world.

Use them in Your bath, a diffuser, or just a few drops on a tissue and inhale.


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