Wake Up

Rise Up

Light Up The World…

Part 1 – They Dream

‘Shhh’, says the Sun, just before the light breaks. ‘The Children still dream of in-between spaces and question their own authorities to create their own destinies. Be easy today, I have seen changes happening- one particularly as to when I look down on the Mother in the mornings, how many eyes of the Children are beginning to look back at me’.

*The Power of the Leonine energies are calling to Us now, reminding Us that it is this premier moment to wake and stretch and move. ‘Create’ is the word of the day. Get going now on Your plans and implementings. Jump. You are ready. The time is ripe for manifestation. Eyes open.

Wake up?


Part 2- They Grow

The Children stand to meet their Father, the Sun, on this morning as the sunrays and sunbeams warm everything they touch and give life to another day. Everywhere the light shines, things grow. The Magyc of life. And so the Children play on the back of their Mother and sing songs to their Father. Creation makes from what it is. Love.

* Solar/Lunar Leo medicine asks Us to look at where We place Our focus. You are responsible for what You grow. So much creative power within Us, is ready to be used for the greater versions of ‘Us’, ready to be moulded, made and breathed upon for sacred life and living.

Rise Up?


Part 3- They Illuminate

Sun smiles as the Children grow. Mother watches as they take their journeys, fall and stumble at times, shed a tear, get back up, and remember to land on their feet as they rejoice in who and where they come from. The more they allow their heart’s creations, the more the places where they walk, light up. And so the whole world is illuminated by the love realized and revered. Allow Yourselves the courage, Children, to witness the potentials of Your very own power to create.

*The Lionvibe of Liontribe is inspiring each of Us in this moment to allow all that has sat in its own whispers in the dark to dissipate as the light burns away untruths and not reals, the falsities of fear that We have far outgrown.

Wherever You stand, is where the brilliance reveals itself.

Lighten Up?


May Your Family Be A Happy OnešŸ”„


IMG_1312 4


New Moons hold the energies of beginnings, actions, and making things happen.

Leo is the 2nd sign of the Fire element in the zodiac and ruled by the sun. This new moon is about, literally, the intensity of the sun shining up the dark and reflective moon position.

For this rituƔl, You will need Yourself, an open space-preferably where the land meets the water (a lake, the ocean, a river etc..) and all the courage and honesty that You can muster, which is quite a measure when You begin to accept truly, how powerful Your creative ability is.

Optional is to bring a Friend or Friends (Lions roam in prides and Leos love a good party) to help encourage One an Other.

The intention of this ritual is to utilize Your ability to call things into manifestation (Leo is the sign of children and creativity) via the power of Your voice and heart’s focus.

Write down 5 things You wish to bring into the experience of Your life. General is fine, but detailed will show You what You can really do.

For example, instead of ‘I want to travel’- why not try ‘I want to go to South Africa/visit London town/see New York’?

You are making this. I am not asking You to believe, I am only asking You to stay receptive to having the experience. Your belief will grow naturally, as You see how Your desires begin to manifest.

~Write down Your desires under the new moon.

~Make Your pilgrimage to where the land and waters meet. Bring Your friends who, hopefully, have their own 5 item listings.

~Smudge Yourself with palo santo/ sage/ mt tobacco or anything else that You feel comfortable using. Intentional smudging clears out negative energies and makes way for the good to come through. A blank canvas to create from, so to speak.

~Say Your holy words, invocations, or prayers to create the space for making things happen.

~Facing the water, go over each item desired, one at a time- close Your eyes and call it out.

Speak these things with the passion of Your desires. Whatever the thing is, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it smells like- go into as much sensory and descriptive overload as You can. Make a story from it, allow Yourself to feel what You feel in reaction to the thing desired- this is important. Leo rules the heart- allow heart open and free as You direct this concentrated focus to Your manifestation list.

*Only Speak What You Want- VERY IMPORTANT- do NOT get caught up talking about the things that You do NOT want.

Focus only on the wants.

~When You have spoken all that You have- after each item- give Your ‘thank You’ as if You have just received the desire already.

‘Thank You for ___’

‘I am so very grateful for ____’…

~Throw Your head back, and allow the Lion within You, a roar.

Yes, a roar.

Oh, We have no problem roaring on a thing when We are in a fear state or upset. We have no trouble biting heads off when We are angry- but to roar a thing into manifestation? To roar using the power of good intention?


Lions don’t just roar their threats and warnings. They also use their roars to call the kids home, to call the Family to eat and when they play.

Allow that intention to permeate Your new moon rituƔl.

Speak Your desires aloud and proud.

Give thanks.

And use the roar to call said desires to You and into Your world.

~Afterwards, anoint Your head and heart with the water You stand at (water conducts) and encourage Your mind and those of Your lion pride to stay open and receptive to the things that You have called to You.

Happy Manifesting and New Moon, EveryOne.

Be Blessed and Sow FirešŸ”„

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