The wind howls like a wolf pack,

steady on the trail of pursuit cutting through trees and mountains-over, under and through, the wild spirit opens eyes, eager to feed itself.

*Aquarius Moon awakens the inner-querent within each of Us, beckoning all seekers to go deeper in the explorations of what sustains. What discovers Your depths but Your very own inquiry. What masters them is how honest You choose to be with Yourself about Your revelations.

Clouds gather in the skies, darkened, heavy and holding waters drunk from long sojourns over oceans, seas and far reaching realms created from the magyc of moontime illuminations. Storms bring change. Change is here.

*Aquarius Moon brings the Lightning medicine. Lightening- quick, sudden, can burn entire forests- all in the name of rejuvenence. This full moon is the beginning of a re-Birth. Allow what needs to burn, its burning…

As the wind brings the clouds and the clouds echo the thunder, carry the lightning, and the rains fall- the land is replenished and washed anew. Purified. What was hidden or covered is now open, raw and exposed- readied for new life, growth and discovery. Ourselves.

*Aquarius Moon is the Messenger, the Bringer, the Explorer who has never been here before.

The change that happens in Our worlds are meant to come for Our very own expansions. Allow, as the storm is inevitable. Trust that the sun will follow, as it always has, every time We have faced Our dark. Sanctity.

The rebel of Our fears is the revolutionary of Our hearts.

Be The Change, You Are Already.

Happy Full Moon, EveryOneđŸ”„




Full moons are about illuminations of the aspects of Us that are no longer serving to Us or the love that We are.

Aquarius is the sign of change on a global scale. In the Leo sun month of August, during this full moon of Aquarius with an eclipse to amplify the energy, We embody the power of the Sun, the Moon, and Uranus which is the Light within Us seated at Our heart chakra and solar plexus (Sun), Our abilities to be receptive and alchemizing to Ourselves and Our worlds both within and without (Moon), and the power of super deep transformations of change and expansion creating huge impact on every aspect We focus Our will and fire towards (Uranus).

This is a time that, if You have never participated in a lunar rituĂĄl before, it’s the one that is most auspicious to get started with.




– two sheets of paper

– one pen with blue ink

– a smudge bundle or stick of palo santo

– fire source

– water



Preferably amongst trees or an open space, an hour before sunset. You will want time to sit and feel the space around You, to be with Yourself, to breathe and ponder

The Action:

Just before the sun sets in the evening, stand outside under the sky, and give thanks to what changes and what cycles have occurred and still do. It is through Our cycles do We realize Our abilities to make change and where We can implement them.

Ponder this-

‘Do You ever think the moon worries that the sun will show up in the morning- or the sun gets scared that the moon won’t be there that night’? Tap into Your own trust and faith in Your own aspects of life to trust that the step You are encouraged by Your heart to take is the right one. Faithfully follow through on Your step and see what reflections are returned as blessing.

~ Light Your article that You will use to smudge and burn. Blow deep into the sage or the palo and make sure that Your whole body receives the smoke, lift up Your hair and make sure You get the back of Your neck. Go to the bottom of each foot, each palm, belly, Your heart, top of Your head. Blow on the smudge and take the smoke into Your mouth. This is purification of body, mind and even words. Give Your ‘thank You’s’

~ Next, write down on Your paper with Your blue ink pen, all the positive visions that You hold for Yourself, what You desire to be in this world, Your legacy, the qualities to walk with that feel good to You. Take a deep breath and upon exhale- write down the positive vision that You hold for Your Families and Tribes

~ Take a moment to reflect on these ‘wants’, remember please, only focus upon the wants, not the ‘Dont wants’, We want to give the Universe clear vision of what We desire here

~ Now, smudge the piece of paper all over. Fold it over a few times (although I am sure some fire signs will make origamis😉) and place it in Your right pocket (this is the active/masculine side of the body)

~ After that, write on the second sheet of paper anything that You can see currently that holds You back in Your world. This will ultimately be qualities of Yourself- as nothing holds Us back but Our stories We authorize in Our own belief systems.

I.e~ it’s not that woman at work that keeps You from promotion- it’s Your own ‘not believeing in Yourself’ to be worthy of the position.

It’s not ‘all my bills’ that keep Your bank account numbers low, it’s Your ‘thoughts of lack’ that continue to be a cycle awaiting You to breakout from these old conditions.

It’s not that person who ‘broke my heart’ so many ages ago that keeps You from partaking in fulfilling relationships, it’s Your own ‘old perspectives of they hurt me and I’ll never know love again’ that hold You there.

~ Take this second sheet of paper, ponder each line, then spit on it, wad it up, all the whilst holding the thought in Your mind ‘I am finished with this old, as I call in the new. Thank You for new changes, new me, new world. Gratitude’.

~ As You blow Your breath onto the balled up second sheet, light Your fire and let it burn, allowing the old it’s ending and the new it’s beginning

~ Give thanks and proceed to carry the folded first sheet of paper on Your person for the next two weeks, and place it under Your pillow at night as You sleep

~ Welcome the change that appears, in order to shift and bring You into Your next level  up- catalyzedđŸ”„

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